Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Tomato Problems

Lawn Weeds – Search and Destroy

There is nothing worse than a patch of weeds to destroy the appearance of your lawn. Weeds can be killed and eradicated from your lawn with the right knowledge, preparation, and care. Learn how to get rid of these pesky lawn parasites.

How To Grow Vegetables In A Limited Space

If you’ve got the itch to plant a vegetable garden but don’t have much room to spare, all is not lost. Find out how you can grow a wonderful vegetable garden even if all the space you have is the corner of your balcony.

Bonsai Care Requires Attention to Detail

Bonsai gardening can be a very pleasurable pastime and hobby. Although not considered difficult, it does require dedication and attention to detail. A few bits of advice will get you off to a good start.

Tree Care – Routine Gardening Tasks That Can Damage Your Trees

The tree is such an imposing, massive thing that some people see it as impregnable. Despite its size and splendor it would be more advisable to look on your garden tree as a big baby. Precious, delicate and vulnerable!

Organic Mulches and Compost – Good For Your Plants and Even Better For the Soil

Adding plenty of humus to the soil and protecting the soil’s surface with a layer of organic mulch, is necessary for gardens in all parts of the world. For gardens in hot dry and Mediterranean climates, it is absolutely essential.

Artificial Grass – The Perfect Lawn Requiring No Maintenance

Are you having a hard time growing that thick, lush, green yard that all your neighbors seem to have? Is the weather where you live so inhospitable that every year no matter what you try your grass always seems to be brown by summer’s end? Well, you don’t have to be doomed to having lackluster grass. There are alternatives out there for you, and one of them is the use of artificial grass.

Planning a Garden – This is Where the Fun Begins

There are a number of people that have an interest in creating a garden. There are many different choices when it comes to gardens. There are just as many choices when it comes to the actually planning of a garden.

What Is A Box Deck Flower Railing?

Choosing the right material for your deck can be a bit confusing, considering your safety and comfort. So making the right choice is important. This article will guide you through the process.

Natural Aroma For the Home

Most people like to have plants around the house – its soothing to bring a bit of greenery and nature into our houses, and many plants grow very well indoors. However, as well as attractive foliage, some also produce fragrance, and can therefore add another, uplifting aromatic dimension to our home. Here are a few that you may want to try.

Indoor Citrus Trees – Winter Care

Growing indoor citrus trees is a wonderful way to experience the pride of producing your own fresh fruit. Although these container fruit trees are easy to care for, there are a few tips you should know to help your tree flourish through the winter months.

Indoor Lemon Trees and Other Container Fruit Trees

If you’re a beginning gardener or want to get someone started in gardening, an indoor lemon tree is an excellent first project. Indoor lemon and other container fruit trees are easy care, compact, and fragrant additions to any living space. Here’s some insight into a few varieties of indoor lemon trees now available.

The Basics to Healthy Houseplants

Sometimes we make too much of a small thing. Houseplant care is not a complex issue. Following a few simple basics will reward you with wonderful healthy indoor plants.

Phormium Tenax – An Important Plant For An Arid Climate And Mediterranean Garden

Handsome in form, suitable to many conditions, and easy to grow. This is why Phormium is such a fine plant in dry climate gardens.

Spring Lawn Checklist – Making Your Lawn the Talk of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is unique in terms of how you should go about treating your lawn. Because Beverly Hills receives no snowfall and very little rainfall throughout the year, typical lawn care is not an option. Instead, you have to take special steps towards ensuring that your lawn stays lush and green, and by following these steps you will be ensuring that your lawn is the envy of everyone on your block.

Landscaping for Beginners

For the purpose of landscaping that does not pose any kind of problem, which is cost effective and that which is also pleasing to ones eyes, shrubbery landscaping is the right answer, they add style and beauty to the ambience. There are a number of varieties to choose from and one is sure to find a shrub to suit ones needs to landscape.

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