Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Pruning Russian Sage and other Shrubs

Artificial Bonsai – The Benefits Of Beautiful Bonsai Without the Hassle

If you are looking for a pretty decoration for a boring office space, or a quick way to brighten a room and create a calming relaxing environment, choose an artificial bonsai. Artificial bonsai can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing these days, and last forever even if neglected. Enjoy the beauty without the hard work.

Landscape Gardening – Selecting Rose Bushes For a Dry Mediterranean Garden

There are many things to consider when selecting the rose varieties most suitable for your garden. The starting point though is having a clear design direction from the outset.

Hardscaping – Deciding Necessary Hardscape Garden Features

Deciding which elements and features your yard needs can sometimes be a challenge. Giving some thought to the overall theme of your yard may help you choose what is necessary.

Sowing Seeds in a Garden

Now that you have decided to start a garden, you can begin planting. Prepare your soil and sow your seeds!

Taking the First Step For Lawn Care

You want a new start for taking better care of your lawn, then learn a few steps you are going to take for achieving your goal. This article help you to learn the basics.

Organic Gardening Makes Your Life Better

Have you ever really tasted a ripe tomato or pepper? They grow in colors from yellow to orange to deep red. Brush aside the earth and harvest a golden crisp carrot. Grab a handful of sweet lettuce and bring it to the table for a truly fresh salad. I visit my herb garden and snip a few leaves of parsley and basil for the afternoon meal.

Gardening UP – The Solution to Gardening For Teeny Tiny Spaces

Often gardeners think of using vertical dimensions when it comes to disguising a sore spot like hydro pole or wires. But think of the flip side – to use vertical gardening to create something undeniably beautiful on the opposite side of the sore spot. Direct attention to the height of beauty you’ve created!

The Perfect Guide to Flower Gardens

There are various styles of garden to choose from, although there are no definitive rules and there is no reason why gardeners should not choose a mixture of designs. Having said that, there are a number of styles that have a proven track record, and it is perhaps worthwhile considering the pursuit of just one of them until you are confident enough to mix different styles.

The Basic Guide on How to Design a Flower Garden

If you are new to gardening, you may have a vague idea of what you want but no firm idea about the reality. In this case, it will pay to spend a summer wandering around other gardens. Try to look at the best. The big gardens that are open to public will have teams of gardeners at their beck and call, but there are still lessons and ideas to be learn from them.

How to Mix Annual Plants With Others Like the Experts

Annuals can be used to great advantage mixed with perennials and shrubs. One big advantage that annuals have over perennials is that they tend to flower over long periods, often throughout the whole summer. So, in a mixed border, annuals can provide a permanent thread of color.

Styling With Annual Flowers and Annual Plants Like the Experts

Theoretically, there is no need to differentiate between annuals and perennials as they are both flowering and foliage plants. However, gardeners do tend to use them in slightly different ways.

Cultivating Soil

Before you start planting and sowing your seeds, you will need to cultivate your garden plot. Well cultivated soil will ensure the best flowers and plants possible.

How to Care For Your Roses With Ease

There is nothing prettier than a rose in bloom. However, it takes a little work to get your roses to bloom with those magnificent smelling and eye-catching flowers.

How to Save Money on Your Log Cabin For the Garden

Having a log cabin in your garden is a wonderful addition. Although it can be quite expensive, following the tips in this article can help reduce the costs greatly.

Garden Begonias

The begonia is a flower that is very popular in the Hawaiian Islands, but it is a flower than can be planted in most zones. You will find that there are many hybrids and versions of the begonia.

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