Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Pruning Perennials

Patio Umbrella, Market Umbrella, Outdoor Umbrella – What Does It All Mean?

The Market Umbrella Conundrum: After many years in the outdoor furnishing business, we’ve found a general misunderstanding throughout the industry about what the difference between a patio umbrella and market umbrella is? Conventionally, we’ve found that a market umbrella usually refers to an outdoor wood type of umbrella or parasol that is typically utilized in the commercial market place, outdoor dining area, bistro, pool side, or basically anywhere the public visits for outdoor activities. In the old days a person would contact their local outdoor furnishings dealer or local warehouse supply and ask to see their selections of market umbrellas for their outside environments with general intentions of finding a wood market umbrella to choose from.

Pest Control Breakthrough in the Never Ending Battle around Home and Garden

For safe methods to grow plants and to control pests in home and garden, give Organic Oils a try. Find out which oils are used against which pest.

The Importance Of Lawn Care Tips

The modern lawn has fast become the status symbol of today’s suburban family – its health and vitality reflecting considerably on the homeowners. Millions are spent each year as more and more families fork over hefty fees to professional landscapers and lawn care services in an effort to maximize the potential of their property. But for some, the simple joy of working outside – and of achieving a beautiful lawn – can be an achievement not worth hiring out. For those ambitious do-it-yourselfers – or for those who find comfort and relaxation in working outside – a few basic lawn care tips will go a long way towards achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn.

The Best Sago Palm Care

Planting shade trees is an excellent idea though you do have to research before you choose the right tree for you. Trees need various things in order to survive and you will need to take care of them if they are to shade you from the sun for years to come.

Container Gardening For Small Spaces

Container gardening is the solution to people who have small spaces like apartments. Container gardening will add spark and color to your home.

Leaves and Composting

When it comes to leaves and composting the thing to remember is that they are the main things that you should have in your composting heap or bin. This is because leaves are very high in carbon. The ratio of carbon to nitrogen in your composting heap or bin should be 25 to 1 in favor of the leaves. Other carbon rich materials such as wood chips and sawdust can also be mixed in there but only if the wood chips and sawdust is from an organic source. Gardening experts say that you should avoid fertilizing your garden with sawdust made from very old tree stumps as they contain some viruses that could kill plants like hostas. You should also avoid using woodchips that have been varnished or treated with pesticides in any way, as they will also leach toxins into your soil. Furthermore wood that has been treated or varnished often won’t degrade and you will end up tossing it out of the compost heap anyway.

Durable, Easy to Use Lawn and Garden Tools Makes Outdoor Care a Breeze

Find out these time and energy saving tips to keep your lawn and garden looking great.

New and Improved Lawn and Garden Tools Makes Outdoor Maintenance Quick and Easy

Tips for choosing lawn and garden tools that keeps your landscape looking great with time saving efficiency.

Selecting The Right Garden Fountain To Transform Your Outdoor Living

Gardens are more than simply plants, flowers, and greenery. Learn to choose the perfect accessory that will make your simple garden into an outdoor living oasis.

Proper Maintenance Of Container Plantings

A container garden should be maintained just like a real garden should but only on a smaller scale. Container plantings are flawed because they contain lesser amounts of nutrients, soils, and water as compared to gardens. These limited amounts of nutrients and water in the soil needs to be replenished on a constant basis if the plant is to survive and promote healthy flower and foliage development. There are many regular maintenance methods you can implement such as deadheading, proper soil compaction, and feedings to establish stunning looking displays all season long.

Herb Gardening With Your Children

Herb gardening with your children is a fun and easy project. Have your kids plant an herb garden and watch as they are filled with wonderment over this project they have accomplished.

What Is Grodan Stonewool

Mineral wool is used for its ability to hold large quantities of water and at the same time maintain a high percentage of air as well. This aids root growth and nutrient uptake. The fibrous nature of mineral wool also provides a good mechanical structure to hold the plant stable. Mineral wool has a high pH, which is unsuitable to plant growth. This requires correcting or conditioning. Conditioned mineral wool has a stable pH over long periods of time.

What You Need To Get Yout Indoor Garden Started

Many people take great pleasure in their gardens, though they are usually situated outside. Some gardeners, however, take part in another form of gardening, and that’s indoor gardening.

What’s Missing From Your Backyard?

You may have a patio in your backyard, but whats the one item that will ensure you enjoy peace, tranquility and relaxation?

Indoor Organic Herb Garden

Growing an organic herb garden is a delightful project. The fragrant plants not only look and smell good; they are also good for flavoring foods.

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