Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Preparing for Winter

Compost – What It Is – What It Does

It is a word many if not all of us have heard in reference to gardening, but probably few of us know what it is, how it is made, and what services it can provide. Have you ever been to a friend’s house and seen that smelly disgusting hole at the far corner of the garden with all the flies buzzing around it and been told that it is his or her compost? Well if this ever happened to you, let me assure you – that is not compost.

How To Plant A Tree

Trees are wonderful to grow, and, if treated properly, will most probably live longer than whoever planted it. Depending on the species of a particular tree, a tree can serve an exorbitant number of services. However, planting a tree must be done correctly to ensure a long and healthy life.

How To Stop Topsoil Erosion

There have been countless ideas on how to prevent topsoil erosion. Knowing how to stop topsoil erosion could be some very useful information, especially if you have a garden on a slope. For anyone who has such a garden, or anyone who has ever tried to stop topsoil erosion on a slope, this information could be useful.

We All Eat Topsoil

Well I guess if you want to get all technical about it, we do not really eat topsoil. But it is a true statement to say that we all could not eat if not for topsoil. There are many people who do not even know what topsoil is or where topsoil comes from, but the fact remains that we are all benefiting from topsoil in many ways.

How To Water Your Garden

So now it is raining non-stop. But do not let that fool you. You have seen it before and you will see it again. The rain will just keep pouring down for a couple of months, and then suddenly there will not be a cloud in the sky for days at a time. The big question is – How do you water? Here are some possible options.

How To Start A Garden

Imagine for a second that you could actually have your own garden appear in real life exactly as it appears in your mind. That is a beautiful picture, no? Ok. Now open your eyes and look at your yard. What in the world were you thinking? Is that picture even possible? Probably not. But there is good news. You CAN have a beautiful garden even if you do not already have one in your yard.

How To Prune Trees

So you think that just because you spent hours and hours digging and planting trees that now you can just take it easy and watch your trees flourish? You think that your work is done and now all you need to do is sit back and watch a game as your tree automatically becomes the talk of the town?

How To Make Topsoil

It sounds impossible, right? Topsoil is the top layer of the earth. How can you make your own topsoil? Well, I am about to tell you how you can make topsoil. The best indicator for the over-all health of the land is the health of the topsoil. Topsoil is necessary for life to continue, since it is needed for plants to be able to grow. Plants are needed by people and by animals, and topsoil is like the bottom brick of a building – Pull it away, and the building will fall. So too with topsoil – Take away topsoil and you can take away life.

Rain Chains Make Ordinary Rainy Days Go Away

Creating a serene ambiance can be as simple as adding a rain chain to your garden. Providing a melodious sound and wonderful display during rainy days, rain chains are an excellent way to lead rain water down to your rain barrel, replacing the boring rain gutter or spigot that came with your home.

Sit on Your Compost With the Composting Bench

Some of the most astute gardeners out there feel that keeping a compost bin or tumbler out in the open will ruin their landscape. A good alternative to this quandary is keeping the compost in a dual functional composting bench.

Compost Tea Time

It’s now 4:00 and two English ladies are settling down for tea. However, one explains that today’s selection will not be ordinary, as it is a family made concoction of compost tea!

Pruning Grapevines – 3 Helpful Tips on Pruning Grapes

There are great benefits that come when you master the skill of pruning grapevines. I have written this article to show fellow grape growers how to prune grapes and have listed 3 helpful tips that will get your feet wet in grapevine pruning.

Creating Garden Rooms

Garden rooms provide great impact in both large and small spaces. You can divide large spaces into smaller rooms with different themes and different seasonal appeal. For example, a vegetable garden, a shade garden and a flower garden could surround a water feature. If your property is small use the room concept to make your garden more private and beautiful. A garden room has the same structural elements as you would have in any room in your house – walls, a floor and a ceiling. Then add amenities that make a room welcoming, such as seating and other attractive furnishings.

Garden Tips For Your Garden

Something quite alarming we have just found out recently is that a lot of children do not know what vegetables are! and where they come from.

Hydroponic Gardens – Picking A System To Suit Your Requirements

A successful hydroponic gardening system can produce fresh vegetables and flourishing plants all year round. There are a few systems (Ebb, Flow, Wick) you can choose from and this article explains how they work-

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