Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Lisa’s Trees that Stay Green all Year

Wildlife Gardening – Creating a Wildlife Haven in Your Garden

Learn how to create a wildlife haven in your garden, providing a valuable habitat for wildlife at low-cost. Advice from the Garden School Team at Learning Curve.

Orchid Growing Tips – Growing Orchids for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to grow beautiful orchids? This article will give you a few orchid growing tips so you…

Lawn Care DIY – The Modern Way Of Gardening

Resource for Home Improvement from kitchen remodeling to roof repair.

Five Common Orchid Pests

Insects and their relatives cause most of the problems for orchid growers. Some of them can even transmit diseases from one plant to another.

Sensory Garden – Engaging All of the Senses in Your Garden Design

A well-designed sensory garden engages all of the senses, greatly enhancing the visitor’s experience. Here the Garden School team offer advice on simple changes that can help you to create powerful sensory experiences in your own garden.

When The Drought Sets In

It’s the same about once every year. Temperatures go sky-high – and drought sets in! So what can you do to make sure that your allotment or vegetable plot survive the ordeal?

Hosepipe Bans – What Is It?

This article looks at the effects of a hosepipe ban, as they are put in place in the UK during periods of drought, and how they apply to gardeners and allotment plot holders.

Recycling Water

Recycling water is something I’m quite sure that most gardeners and allotmenteers do anyway – but for those of you who don’t – there’s help to get from this article. If you’re already recycling water in your garden or on your allotment plot – keep reading though! You may still learn something.

Common Compost Problems and Solutions

Is your compost pile smelly? Not producing compost fast enough or at all? Damp and cool? These are common problems faced when building a compost pile, but the good news is that they are easy to fix. Listed below are some of the most common problems in a compost pile and their solutions.

The True Italian Garden and Ecology

For all of those people who thought they knew what the true Italian garden was. Discover what the true Italian garden is and where and how it originated. Discover how ecology can help you to make you’re Italian garden beautiful… and totally Italian!

Preparing Healthy Soil

If you’re getting ready to go on a new garden venture, you need to prepare your soil to ideally house your plants.

Summer Time and Orchids

Summer time is an important time for orchid growth. Take notice and you’ll be successful.

Know How To Care for Your Outdoor Bonsai Trees?

Bonsai trees fall basically into two categories: indoor or outdoor plants. Indoor bonsai trees are mainly trees that come from warmer, tropical climate areas. These trees do well indoors. Outdoor bonsai trees, either deciduous or conifer, originate from cooler areas and thrive as outdoor plants. They do not do well if kept indoors throughout the seasons. Let’s talk about the care of outdoor bonsai trees.

Styles of Bonsai Gardens

Learn about the different styles of bonsai gardens to help plan before you start!

Growing Roses – How To Plant Your New Rose Bush To Ensure Years Of Enjoyment

Following a few simple guidelines will reward you with years of enjoyment and beauty.

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