Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Lisa’s Plants that Love the Snow

How To Effectively Repair A Garden Hose

The nature of the hose repair necessary will depend on the kind of leak you discover. There are two different possible reasons for a leak – standard garden hoses seem to leak at one of two areas, either at a kink or at the fitting.

Weathervanes – Made With In Great Designs And Function

A weathervane is a simple device indicating wind direction. It is a moveable device that, when attached to a rooftop or other elevated object, clearly and easily shows the direction of the wind. The device’s original name is a wind vane, for obvious reasons, and purists today will still refer to it as such.

Top 8 Composting Tips

Do you want to start a compost pile but feel it’s too much work? Or do you already have one and think that it is taking too long to produce a rich and healthy compost soil? Here are some tips that will help you to create richer compost faster!

Beautifully Combine Color For Use In Your Flower Garden

Knowing how to use the sequence of colors around the color wheel can provide the key to creating beautiful color combinations in your garden areas.

Perennial Rudbeckia Nitida – Shining Coneflower

Rudbeckia nitida is like the faithful dog of my garden, a perennial that gives without asking much other than a kind word now and again. Common name is Shining Coneflower, often sold as Black-eyed Susan Herbstonne or Herbstone, and it is a late summer perennial of the classic black-eyed Susan tradition: easy to grow, irrepressible in demeanor, and for me at least, impossible not to like. There are two primary differences between Rudbeckia nitida and most of the black-eyed Susans we know.

Composting Food Scraps Makes the Earth Happy

Before you throw out your food scraps, consider composting them. Returning these vital resources back into the earth is one of the best ways to say thank you to Mother Earth.

What Color Will It Be This Weekend?

Figuring out the day’s weather can be a hassle, but with the Color Changing Weather Beacon, it’s never looked so colorful, not to mention easy to read.

How Microbes Break Down Compost

Composting is a process that is generally done by you. But did you know you had help in the form of billions of tiny microbes? These little guys are vital to the composting process.

How To Successfully Perform Bonsai Tree Trimming

As the proud beginner stands before his newly blossoming bonsai tree, he becomes suddenly aware that he does not have a real bonsai tree just yet. The tree is too “bushy” and needs a trim. Bonsai tree trimming is a little like an artist standing at a blank canvas in the studio.

How To Grow a Bonsai Tree – and Succeed Using These Tips

A hobby that many people try because they perceive it to be calm and restful is growing and cultivating a bonsai tree. They buy some shaping tools and a young bonsai tree, and begin. In a short time they experience disappointment as their best efforts result in failure, and perhaps even the death of the tree. But it doesn’t need to be that way. Follow along as I attempt to cover the basic rules you need to follow on how to grow a bonsai tree.

For Hydroponics Growers

The development of better health consciousness among consumers has led to a phenomenal growth in the demand for hydroponically grown produce. A combination of hydroponic technology and a controlled environment greenhouse or indoor grow rooms can tackle this demand. Such a blend is known as Soil-less/Controlled Environment Agriculture (S/CEA).

Garden Tips For The Garden

Rusty, our crazy dog is sporting yet another new bandanna, that he wears all the time in the garden and people are always stopping us out on our walks, saying how cool and cute he looks. Must take after me, hey. This began as a joke as none of us knew what to bring him back as a gift from holiday.

How To Grow Organic BlueBerries – One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

The cultivated blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) would make a great plant for home gardeners as it requires little space, but as it is a woodland plant it needs highly acidic soil conditions to grow well. BlueBerries are high in antioxidants, low in calories and sodium, contains no cholesterol and is high in fibre, folic acid, carotenoids, as well as vitamins C ( about 25mg/100g), A and B. A major component of the fibre is pectin, which is known for its ability to lower blood cholesterol.

Top Ten Lawn Diseases and Proper Lawn Care

Discoloration and bare spots on your lawn could be a sign of lawn disease. To prevent total lawn destruction these diseased areas must be treated quickly and effectively. These top 10 lawns diseases might help you to identify and properly treat your lawn problems.

Tips On Gardening

We all have a vision of the perfect garden. This imaginary perfect garden is usually a beautiful, happy, and wonderful place where we can go at the end of the day to relax in our own little piece of heaven. There are probably a number of different flowers, bushes, and trees, beautiful walkways, and relaxing park benches. Sounds of birds chirping fill the air, and there are obviously no interruptions while you enjoy the beauty of your perfect garden.

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