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The Basics of Garden Design

Anyone can learn the basics of garden design. All a gardener needs to do is take a look around at the yard and the structures contained in it, take into consideration the people and pets who will come around it and how the garden will be used so that the design will be practical, functional and one you will be proud of.

How to Care For Your Lawn

Even during the warm summer months, you can have a beautiful lawn if you know how to take care of it. Sure, it may take a bit of work on your part, but it is possible. Not sure where to begin? Well, here are some simple tips.

Organic Gardening Container – A Primer

Organic container gardening is not really a very difficult task, but obeying mother natures laws when you grow your own herb plants, house plants or flower bulbs is really very simple. It’s possible to use just about anything that can hold soil or water as a gardening container. If you are into composting or even better have your own composter you should have no problems with creating a great soil where all your plants will flourish. Perhaps your herb and flower seeds are of great quality the soil is perfect but if insects, or snails get a hold of your carefully grown flower box garden you have a problem.

Planting a Grape Vine

You have prepared your site; you have decided what variety to grow; now it is time to plant your grape vine! Well, unfortunately, this is where many home grape growers terribly fail! Planting a grape vine is not hard, if fact, it is one of the easiest fruits to get started, but there are a few key things to remember when planting your grape vine.

Things You Need to Know About Organic Gardening

Organic gardening might seem like a new concept but it is a very old concept and there are some things that when done can make crops grow to full yield and be a less difficult task. The first thing to understand is just what organic gardening is and how it is approached, what is needed and what the gardener must do to ensure their organic garden grows.

How to Grow Vegetables in Your Organic Garden

For effective gardening of vegetables in your organic gardening, you must first think about fertilization. This is almost always attributable to mulching. But there are other things to consider as well, such as the introduction of fertilizers that are available to you both naturally or commercially. To simply define this, it means to place materials, whether they be inorganic or organic in your garden around your plants.

Decorative Flowering Bonsai Trees

See and learn about flowering Bonsai Trees. Choosing the correct bonsai tree for either indoor or outdoor display. How to maximise the beauty of the bonsai tree with it’s surroundings and display.

Lawn and Garden Care From Your Kitchen

Looking for solutions for the weeds in your yard and bugs in your home that you can make with everyday products found in your kitchen? Want to fertilize your plants naturally? These home-made recipes use things you probably already have in your own home. In fact, don’t throw away the morning breakfast egg shells and coffee grounds – your plants will love them!

Benefits and Joys of House Plants in Your Home Or Office

When you walk into a house that is filled with plants, you immediately feel at home. Whether it´s because they are living things, or because it reminds us of the outside, plants brighten up the home. A few plants in each room seem to make a house more livable, more inviting, and feel more like a home is suppose to be.

Lawn Troubleshooting – How to Make a Greener Lawn

An article to help you with your lawn troubleshooting and to assist with learning how to grow a green lawn. If you, like many others, wish you knew how to make a greener lawn to make your neighbours envious then read this article for easy steps to implement.

Teak Garden Furniture

On a mid summers day when the sun is shining and the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air there is nothing better than being in the garden, whether you are relaxing sitting back basking in the warm rays of the sun or having a barbecue lunch with friends. What ever you decide to do having a well kept lawn and boarders finished off with a nice patio or decked area make a nice seating area for you to put your quality oak, mahogany or Teak Garden Furniture will create the right luxurious garden space for you to enjoy.

Vegetable Gardening – Which Type Will Suit You?

Every gardener has his own set way of growing things, this is what makes him suitable for certain gardening styles. If you know this yourself and your gardening style, then you will adapt the growing of your organic garden to your abilities. This will be a big help for the yield of your vegetables. Doing this will pretty much give you an edge over other gardening enthusiasts. But the Question is, just what are these different gardening types? This article will cover some of the types that you may consider suit you.

Vancouver’s Flowers of the Four Seasons

Vancouver is home to a wide variety of flowering plants and trees that make Vancouver BC one of the most colorful places to live in Canada. This article talks about the flowers that bloom in Vancouver during each of the four seasons.

Growing Tomatoes – How to Avoid Common Problems

One of the most exciting moments in tomato growing is when flowers begin to fade and the first little pea-like fruits appear. Each day they grow a little bigger until they reach their mature size when they start to change colour and become ripe tomatoes. They look almost too good to eat!

Log Cabins For the Garden Are Here to Stay

Log cabins are popular throughout the world. Log cabins come in different shapes and sizes and more homes are enjoying the picturesque beauty of a log cabin in their garden.

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