Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – It’s Feeding Time in the Garden

Relax With A Wind Chime Garden

Throughout history wind chimes have been used for a variety of uses. According to ancient folklore, hanging windchimes over your doorway would keep evil spirits away. Today, homeowners can keep negative energy at bay as well as add visual charm to their surroundings while relaxing to the soothing sounds of a wind chime garden.

ADD – You Can Be Mother (or Father) Nature

Did you know that more than 67 million people in the U. S. are into gardening? I began to wonder how many of them had ADD. Even then, it occurred to me that people with ADD might shy away from something they’d like to do because they feel their ADD will step in and help their gardens to fail… This will help you to get one started.

Mosquito Hats – Protection from Pesky Pests

Gardening is a great pastime, however, it’s important to protect oneself from the elements, particularly bugs that can carry the West Nile Virus.

Growing Potatoes – Native to the Andes Mountains in Chile Cultivated 5000 BC

For new potatoes wait until the flowers have dropped off, I wait about a week after but it depends on the variety. You can sneak a peak by carefully forking back the soil with a small hand fork, but be very careful I have destroyed part of a plant by doing this, I think I disturbed the root. Once ready though stick your fork in and lift out the potatoes into the trench. Ensure that you do get all of the potatoes out when lifting them as you could end up leaving a nasty disease in your soil.

Lawn Maintenance Schedule – An Organized Way To Handle Your Lawn

A lawn maintenance schedule is what you need in order to monitor the cleanliness and greenery of your garden all throughout the year. Many lawn owners usually do not have a regular timetable for trimming their lawn grass. They do it as the need arises, as when the grass is already very long.

Investigate the World of Natural Composting

It will really depend on your personal preference whether or not you use commercial fertilizer or compost. If you like the idea of using compost but not the idea of making it yourself you can purchase the compost from some gardening centers.

How To Grow Organic Pumpkins – One Of The Top 10 Super-Foods

Pumpkin – provides fibre, contains potassium and carotenoids (the antioxidants found in orange, yellow, red and dark green vegetables). It is wonderful as a cooked veggie, makes great soup and delicious pumpkin pie. Pumpkins are so easy to grow that you most likely know the basics, but here’s a few tips for you anyway.

10 Ways to Help the Environment in Your Garden

How can you help the environment with what you do in your garden? Rate yourself out of ten, are you doing everything you can?

The Juniper Bonsai Illusion

Find what a bonsai is. A few misconceptions about bonsai are explained.

Salinity & Salinity Meters

Plants need water for growth and healthy development. If plants are deprived of the required amounts of water, over a period they will whither and die. Unlike plants grown in soil, plants grown hydroponically in grow rooms and indoor greenhouses, are completely dependent on supplied water to meet their nutritional needs. It is therefore important that growers gain a basic understanding of certain vital aspects concerning water supply and plant nutrition.

Choosing Lighting For Your Garden And Yard

Choosing lighting for your garden will greatly affect the way your garden is displayed at night. Depending upon your choice of plants and your overall landscaping design, your choice of garden lighting can create a specific ambiance as well as showcase your favorite pieces.

Good Quality Flower Seeds Should Be Used For Beautiful Flowers

An embryonic stage of the plant id known as seeds which has foods stored in it.

Lawn Care Tools- The Secret To A Luxuriant And Attractive Lawn

Maintaining the beauty and lushness of your lawn has its share of health benefits. For one, it can be a form of exercise and also a stress reliever especially for the hands. In gardening, your hands are at their busiest and most active. Once they get hold of the lawn care tools, the action and fun begins.

How To Grow Garlic With Container Organic Gardening

To require a top French Chef to cook without garlic would be like making him keep his hands behind his back while cooking. But garlic is so much more than a cooking vegetable. It fights bacteria, yeasts, molds, and viruses while antibiotics can only fight bacteria. And it even keeps some pests away from your natural organic garden.

Advice On Starting Your Own Rose Garden

Are you thinking about starting your very own Rose garden? Then read these useful tips and advice to get you on your way to beautiful roses.

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