Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Getting Rid of Weeds

Orchid Insect Pests – Common Orchid Pests

Insects and pests can be harmful to your orchids. This article will identify some common orchid insect pests and how to combat them.

How to Introduce Your Toddler to Gardening

It’s gardening time again and, with the increase in gas and grocery prices, what better time to introduce your family to the aspect of growing their own foods? Toddlers in particular are very open to the new experience of gardening. Toddlers are always intrigued by new things. They love to play in the dirt, water plants, and watch their favorite foods growing right before their little amazed eyes. If you’re lost as to how you should start introducing your toddler to gardening, here are some tips to help!

The Reluctant Gardening Calendar – April & May

A reluctant gardener to start with, there was just no incentive to introduce the new (pink) wellies to the squelchy morass outside the patio door. So lets quickly forget the gardening-disaster of April and pass on to May!

Baby Jade Bonsai – The Perfect Indoor Bonsai Choice

The Baby Jade bonsai is perfectly suited to be an indoor bonsai. You must provide it with sufficient lighting so the tree can produce food. Water is obviously a must, however the Baby Jade bonsai can survive very well with long intervals between watering. In fact, this plant will have a difficult time surviving if over watered. The dryness of the soil your tree is potted in is the best gauge to determine watering needs.

Hydroponics – Gardening Without Soil – Advantages and Disadvantages

Hydroponics. “The science of growing plants in a medium other than soil, using a mixture of essential plant nutrient elements dissolved in water.” In this article I will outline the advantages and disadvantages of hydroponics.

Hydroponic Gardening – Common Problems Encountered By Beginners

It is not difficult to get your hydroponic system set up. Most of the Hydroponic Gardening guides, especially those for beginners, include a section on build-it-yourself hydroponic systems. They provide a parts list, a tools list, and simple step-by-step instruction on how to build your own hydroponic system. However, once the hydroponic unit is in operation, quite often, the beginners will discover problems, some may not be easily solved after the system has already been built.

Get Rid of Your Gardening Aches and Pains With Raised Beds!

I’m a card carrying member of the baby boomer generation and I know what it’s like to find you can’t manage some of the things you used to do, or you can, but you do them a lot slower. My gardening ability comes to mind as an area that now requires some extra thought, a little bit of adjustable thinking can produce some cunning ways of getting around some problems. One of the best ideas to help the gardener with age or handicap related problems is to make good use of raised beds.

The Easy Vegetable Garden Method

It’s important to emphasize that you need to draw a plan of your vegetable garden first. When doing this, always leave space to get at your vegetables for harvesting and maintenance. You’ll also find that drawing your plan to scale will be a great help in allowing you to decide where your vegetables are to be planted. You will make excellent use of the space you have available by doing this.

Solanum Rantonnetii – A Worthy Substitute For Bougainvillea

If you are one of those people who would love a Bougainvillea in your garden, but are put off by its thorns, mess, and untidiness, then you may wish to consider planting Solanum rantonnetii as a replacement. Solanum rantonnetii is a medium to large shrub that has either white or deep purple flowers. While there are a number of Bougainvillea varieties, whose *flower* color include different hues of red and orange, purple is still the color most popularly associated with the plant.

Growing Hostas – Tips for Great Hostas

Hostas are without a doubt the most popular shade plant if not perennial in general. These easy to grow perennials not only do well in part-shade but many new varieties can take almost a full sun position. Noted for their beautiful foliage they also produce very intriguing flowers. However the many leaf variations are the real attraction.

Growing Herbs Outdoors

Gardening is a task that not all people can do, and it can sometimes be unappealing to city or suburban dwellers who think that they do not have a green thumb to begin with. However, you can start your own gardening experience without even having a green thumb. Why not try growing herb outdoors?

Hanging Baskets That Last All Year Round

Crocuses, daffodils and tulips shout “spring” as they poke through the dirt. Depending on your location, bright colorful primulas are available in February and will bloom well into late spring.

How To Create A Flower Garden For Beginner’s

The flower garden truly is a thing of beauty. Like many people I always wanted my very own. I didn’t know where to start, what to grow, or even how.

Flowers Secrets – How to Care For Cut Flowers

Flowers will retain their beauty if you know how to care for them. There are secrets to getting flowers live longer, that only profession florists know. Here’s your chance to discover the best flower care practices.

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

We cannot bring cut flowers back to their life. We can only keep them last longer. So, how do we make them last longer? How can we ensure that they keep fresh?

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