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How Do I Replant and Take Care of My Orchid?

One of the questions I am most often asked about orchid care is ‘How do i replant my orchid?’. It is one of the most delicate processes in orchid care and should be done very carefully. This article will give you the information you need to make sure you are replanting your orchid in the best possible way.

How To Take Care Of An Orchid

Orchids are, in my opinion the most beautiful plants in the world. No other flower can capture the beauty that an orchid shows when sitting there in all its glory. Many people have the same opinion but this is often offset by the fact that orchids can be extremely difficult to take care of properly.

Know More About Garden Fences

Fences are either open, to use as a trellis for roses or other plants, or they are closed to serve as a wind, sun or privacy screen. The materials will depend largely upon the use to which the fence is to be put. The most popular, and probably the most attractive, fences are built of wood in various forms, but newer fences of asbestos-cement and corrugated sheet metal are colourful and stand up against rot better.

Save Money By Growing Your Own Herbs

For the price of a few tools (if you don’t already have them) and the cost of a packet of seeds (about $1 – $2), you’ll have all you need to grow a huge crop of herbs. By growing from seed, you’ll have fresh herbs for your recipes for months and months and be saving a substantial amount of money.

Tips For Growing A Fantastic Garden

Most of us go to the grocery store to get our produce. By doing a little planning, you will be able to grow your own. There are numerous vegetables to choose from and many gardening tips to help you obtain a fruitful garden.

Container Gardening for Beginners

Container gardening is no great mystery! The work, compared to an actual, tilled-up garden patch, is minimal, and the rewards are great. The back-breaking work of hoeing, raking, and pulling the tons of weeds and bermuda grass that continually invade your garden space is gone. Nothing compares to slicing up your own fresh tomatoes for your table. Anyone who has tasted home-grown tomatoes, then tried the hot-house grocery store varieties knows there is a huge difference in quality and taste between the two.

Dogwood Trees – How to Add Contrast to Your Home Landscape

Although nearly 100 species are found in the dogwood family (Cornaceae), only a few varieties are used in home landscaping. The two most popular dogwoods are the Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) and Kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa), which is sometimes referred to as Asian dogwood.

Flower Garden Design – Bedding Plants That Have A Fine Leaf Texture

The naive gardener thinks of the flowerbed exclusively in terms of color. The professional garden designer takes into account other factors as well.

Gardening – Most Important Part of Your Garden

Gardening and landscaping takes more than just planting seeds or plants and watering. More than anything it requires preparation of the most important part of your garden.

Three Important Steps for Successful Tomatoes

Three of the most important steps for successful tomatoes are sometimes the last things that a gardener remembers to think of, and then wonders why the success is either diminished or nonexistent on his tomato vines. The first thing to remember when preparing to plant tomatoes is that they need lots of heat, mostly in the form of sunlight, in order to produce larger tomatoes and overall yields. If you have plants in cooler climates or too much shade for the plants, you will invariably grow …

Helpful Tips For Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of those vegetables that most people want to grow but often have trouble with. Find out how to grow tomatoes successfully in your garden.

From Stress to Serenity with Bonsai Plants

Bonsai Gardens have a special effect on the well being of a lot of people. One of the reasons can be the focus and attention this kind of gardening needs. It’s effect is greater wellbeing, serenity and overall happiness and success.

The Types of Petunias and How To Grow Them

Armed with just a little knowledge, choosing and growing Petunias is very easy. This guide briefly explains what you need to know about the varieties of Petunia that are available and what you need to know to grow them successfully.

Growing Endive By the Phases of the Moon

Often called escarole (which has wider leaves), this salad plant will succeed in any ordinary garden soil not deficient in humus and normal moisture. Like lettuce, its succulent growth must be rather rapid to enable it to form tender leaves. On poor, dry, exposed soil its growth will be slowed up so that its leaves, if they form in quantity, will be tough and unnecessarily pungent.

Annual Flowers – Ideas To Aid The Gardener In A Dry Climate

Annual flowers play an undeniably important role in ornamental gardening. Trees and shrubs can supply flower color at a height that is usually from eye-level upwards, while herbaceous perennials, like annuals, flower at a height ranging from ground level to about a meter. (3ft) While by no means essential for a successful garden, annual plants nonetheless fulfill a number of needs.

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