Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Frost Damage

Companion Planting is an Important Part of Gardening

Companion planting is the process of placing particular vegetables, flowers and herbs near by other types of plants that will help keep safe from pests, diseases and fungus. This action also helps each plant to produce maximum flavor of vegetables and its blooms on flowers.

4 Tips For Starting a “Safe Food” Garden

Organic. Natural. Going green. Environmentally friendly. These words briefly describe the latest trend sweeping across the nation. Between a surge in food prices and research linking synthetic chemicals (found in our foods, plastics, fertilizers, soil and even the air we breathe) to cancer, many folks are looking for safe food alternatives.

How to Build an Herb Garden

Unlike many other plants, all herbs need to thrive is plenty of sun and a little bit of water. They do not require any sort of spraying, trimming or fertilizing and can grow in almost any type of soil, so learning how to build an herb garden is a pretty simple task. Creating a flourishing herb garden takes more than just sowing the seeds and letting them grow.

How to Grow Herbs Indoors – It’s Easy to Have Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs are easy to grow and will thrive both indoors and out with just a bit of basic care. Here’s how you can grown herbs indoors all year long.

Composting – A Simplified Look at Composting

There’s a lot of materials out there about composting and compost and the last thing you need is another one that explains the technical aspect of the process and the scientific basis behind the importance of using composts. Although, I’m not denying the fact that technical explanations such as those are necessary as well, but it would be nice to hear or read something more of layman’s approach on the subject. Well that’s something that this article would like to do, anyhow.

How to Care For Your Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo, which isn’t bamboo at all, but rather a member of the lily family that grows in the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia and Africa, is an exceptionally hardy plant. While it is possible to kill it, even people who are noted for their black thumbs have reported wild successes in growing Lucky Bamboo.

Single Layer Film Greenhouses – The Challenges and the Rewards

A single layer greenhouse is easier and cheaper to build, but it poses a couple of challenges you need to be aware of. This article looks at both the pros and cons of a single layer greenhouse and provides insights and suggestions helpful to the beginner and advanced greenhouse gardener alike.

Creative Garden Ideas – How to Have a Stunning Garden That Makes Your Friends Jealous

Most gardeners are boring and don’t a thing about design… their gardens follow the same “rectangular box” look and are nothing but ordinary. Article reveals: How to create a colorful garden paradise that impresses your family and makes your friends jealous, Common garden ‘eyesores’ and how to fix them, Garden ideas that provide relaxation and enjoyment, Little-known planting idea that most gardeners don’t consider, How to deal with shady areas of your yard, and much more!

The Advantages to Organic Vegetable Drinks

Consumer demand is growing in the organic vegetable drinks, or beverages. In North America, organic juice sales alone are projected to double in 2005. Consumers spent more than US $25 billion on ‘wellness drinks’ in 2005, making up 12% of all soft drinks spending across the US and Europe.

A Serenity Garden For Your Home

Most people think about their backyard garden as a place to provide them peace and quiet, a place to relax after a busy day, or maybe a place to draw closer to God. Whether you rise early, to enjoy your garden before heading off to work.

Tips For Growing a Container Herb Garden

Growing herbs in containers can be a great way to have fresh herbs all year long. Here are some tips that can help get the job done.

Making a Potted Herb Garden

Making a potted herb garden can be a much more convenient and easier way to grow herbs than having a garden in your yard. Your plants can grow year round, as they are portable and can be moved into a heated building when the weather turns cold. The soil can be monitored and controlled easily and a simple flip of a light switch is a better solution than hoping the sun comes out.

How to Dry Fresh Herbs – Top Tips For Drying Garden Herbs

Drying your herbs is an important part of harvesting them for later use. Here are our top tips on how to dry your garden herbs.

Growing Culinary Herbs – How to Grow Herbs For Cooking

Want to add some zip to your dinner meal? Then why not try growing culinary herbs that you can use fresh for cooking?

Indoor Gardening Supplies at Your Fingertips

It can be art with food as your palate. Indoor gardening using hydroponics can also produce a variety of fresh spices. This can enhance both the food coming from your own grow lights as well as normal store bought food. No store can provide spices as fresh as you can have picked as you cook from your own indoor gardening paradise.

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