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Potting Soil Or Topsoil – The Truth

Picture this. Everything is set up. You already got the grass seeds, flower seeds and vegetable seeds, and now the only question is what kind of soil you want to use: Potting soil or topsoil. Do not fret; this very question has puzzled many before you and is sure to puzzle many to come, but here is the basic run-down to help you make the best decision.

Tips For Buying Topsoil

Any gardener can face the situation of needing to buy topsoil. A perfectly common situation is that it’s early spring, and the only good garden spot is filled with rock hard clay or gravel. In this case, as in many others, it makes sense to order a few loads of good topsoil. Another example can be a yard or garden where it is necessary to build up the soil level by a few inches. In any case, ordering good soil is important.

Types and Uses Of Landscape Mulch

As you drive around the Heartland, you see that most landscape beds are covered with some sort of mulch. Although many people consider decorative gravels as mulch, I would like to define landscape mulch as an organic material that is used as a ground cover. There are a number of different mulches to choose from. Perhaps I can help you discover the facts about different mulches and make your selection a little easier.

Improving Topsoil

The activities involved with construction remove, bury or damage soil, and it may seem that adding new soil is the only way to create a landscape and garden, but with today’s methods it’s easier and less expensive to improve the existing soil than to invest in new topsoil.

Air Movement in Grow Room – Some Basic Considerations

Plants grow best in an environment that is well ventilated to effectively dissipate heat. All artificial light sources generate heat and grow rooms have to be therefore, provided with some means of cooling. Cooling of grow rooms is best done using blowers, with one mounted on the inside to blow hot air out, and the other mounted on the outside to blow cool air in. This arrangement works best with the hot air exhaust blower mounted up high inside and the cool air blower mounted low on the outside, as hot air being lighter than the surrounding air tends to rise while cool air tends to settle to the bottom.

Gardening Advice – Benefits of Gardening

Gardening can be enjoyed by the whole family including children. Especially plants like pumpkins watermelons and sunflowers.

The Top 20 Red, White and Blue Flowers For a Patriotic Garden

With a minimum amount of care these red, white and blue flowers will show off your patriotic pride. By arranging these patriotic flowers in clumps of color you garden will look like it is ready for its own 4th of July celebration. Go USA!

Three Rules For How to Grow a Lawn Your Neighbors Will Envy

Know the three rules that make it simple to grow a great lawn? Think you should?

Composting for Beginners – Do’s and Don’ts, Bins and Tumblers

In order for your garden and plants to sustain a healthy and long lifespan, having soil rich in nutrients is a necessity. Composting is the solution to this dilemma that many new gardeners come across, and this article explains what composting is, what you should and shouldn’t use, and the composting systems available for you to get started.

Safe Use Of The Insecticides

General insecticides are included by treated plants.

Container Gardening for Elder Garden Lovers

Container gardening is a great solution for elder garden loves who are no longer able to handle the strenuous chores of traditional gardens. Plants and containers are available in so many sizes and types making it almost maintenance free.

Tarps – Practical Covers With A Wide Variety Of Uses

You have probably seen them in a range of colors and sizes covering anything from cars and trucks, to boats and lumber. These protective coverings are known as tarps or tarpaulins, which have been in use for well over a century and are available in different types in the market.

Weathervanes – Not Just For The Barn Anymore

One of the oldest fixtures found in the outdoors throughout the entire world are beautiful weathervanes. They provide farmers, and any person who needs to know about the direction of the wind, with valuable information on the course of the weather. Over the years though, while still providing that valuable function, they have also transformed into more of an outdoor accessory for the everyday consumer, and for good reason, they are extremely beautiful.

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Boxes

Organic fruit and vegetable boxes are gaining in popularity as consumers become increasingly alarmed by the dangers of pesticide residue.

I Hate My Neighbors – Blocking Your View From The Next Door Neighbors

Following is one of the most frequent questions asked by all the customer at our retail store. What type of shrub or tree will block my view from the neighbors?

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