Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Fast Growing Shade Tree

Garden Irrigation – What Does Over-Watering Really Mean?

Most home gardeners realize that watering too much is a bad thing. But do they know that what it really means is the opposite of what it seems to be? Here are some important tips for efficient and effective irrigation.

Make Your Own Compost – Three Proven Techniques

Composting creates nutrient rich soil from yard and kitchen waste and is a great way to green your yard. Find out more about some basic composting techniques with these three simple methods for building a backyard compost pile and the tools that might help you.

Bird-Friendly Garden Plants

Want to plant bird-friendly garden plants? We will tell you which plants to choose from a bird’s point of view and from a gardener’s point of view. We will help you bring nature to your yard!

Good Advice On How To Start A Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardening has recently become just as popular as walking to the food market for fresh veggies. Vegetable gardening can produce a veggies that are most of the times less expensive than when purchased in a food market, and vegetables from a home vegetable garden are without a doubt healthier. Vegetable gardening is equivalent to growing plants or flowers and if the right directions are used and the young veggies are given the right care they’ll grow and develop into very tasty veggies.

Midwinter Fragrance

We’re reaching the time of year when gardens are put to bed, ready for the first hard frosts and when gardeners can curl up in front of the fire to choose the seeds and plants they’re going to plant next year. But I’m still itching to get out there because I know that plants have a lot to offer this time of year – especially fragrance. There are so many winter plants which not only brighten our beds but also provide us with amazing perfumes and scents to surprise us.

Instant Gardening

Every day there seems to be a quicker and easier way of doing things, whether it’s the latest ready meal, the quickest internet delivery or even instant wallpaper. And in the gardening world the TV makeover programs have done their fair bit to encourage us all to build a garden in a weekend.

Star Jasmine – A Different Type Of Climbing Plant

Many a home gardener has been tempted to include rampant, climbing plants in the garden. While these definitely have their place in some circumstances, they often turn into an unmanageable mess. In small spaces, it is probably far wiser to choose less showy and slow-growing climbers like the Star Jasmine.

Gardening and Astrology

Thinking about getting back into the garden? Even if you’re growing some window boxes to have a piece of Earth around, don’t make a single move without consulting the Stars!

Exotic Flowers – Caring For And Cultivating Them At Home

Learning about exotic flowers is important to do if you plan on planting or cultivating them. Having a solid knowledge can help you in creating great looking floral areas.

Aloe Vera – Not Just For Toothpaste

Aloe vera plants are increasingly becoming common household features, in either plant form or in the form of toothpaste. In this article, I explain how to maintain your own aloe.

Bonsai Trees For Your Home

Caring for a bonsai tree can be extremely difficult work. This article will guide you to growing a healthy bonsai tree into a well nourished bonsai monster.

Herbs – The Perfect Plant For Your Own Herb Garden

It is not often that a garden plant has interesting form, delicately textured leaves, striking foliage color, and keeps pests away from neighboring plants. The time has come to meet the aromatic herb, Artemisia arborescens.

How Does the Composting Process Actually Works?

Compost is a collection of different organic matter, such as yard clippings, small twigs, leaves and organic kitchen waste that have gone through the process of decomposition. Numerous people do composting so that they can make good use of the available organic material that is around their property and even in their home. This gives composters a chance to make use of the nutrient rich muck that is produced and which is very beneficial to garden soil.

Maintaining a Compost Heap

When you do any landscaping or gardening on your property you will always have a large amount of organic waste. This waste includes anything from dead leaves, to branches, to old tomatoes, to grass clippings. Property owners the world over go through a lot of time and money to get rid of this stuff. A really slick landscaper will see this organic waste for what it is and start to save it. So you do not throw it away either. Save it and begin your backyard compost heap.

Easy Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening is becoming more and more popular every day. Growing your own vegetables allows you to get tasty organic fresh vegetables fro a fraction of the price. You can grow you own vegetables in the same way and the same conditions as growing regular plants, but in the end you get fresh produce you can consume yourself. There is nothing like eating your own fresh produce and knowing for sure what is going in your body.

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