Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Blossoming Tomatoes

How to Grow a Garden No Matter How Little Room You Have

We are all looking for ways to save money through any avenue possible. With the rising cost of daily living due to outrageous gas prices. We all feel the same cruel pinch in the pocketbook.

Natural Fertilizers For Luscious Lawns And Gardens

Growing a luscious lawn can be easy! With the help of natural fertilizers and proper maintenance techniques, beautiful, lush lawns and gardens are within reach of every homeowner.

Hi-Speed Natural Fertilizers Yield Long Term Results

Natural fertilizers deliver results faster, and with less environmental impact than conventional synthetic fertilizers. Natural fertilizers and Seaweed Fertilzers are made with plant and animal components that break down more quickly and become available to plants faster. Natural fertilizers also help improve soil fertility and soil structure, impacting gardening success in the long run.

The Seven Deadly Pesticide Sins For Natural Gardeners

Commercial pesticide applicators must attend training so that they understand how to safely apply chemicals. Homeowners do not have to attend training, but home gardeners would benefit from learning the same knowledge taught to commercial applicators. This article distills the seven deadly sins of pesticide application, and provides tips to avoid them, and garden Guilt Free!

Natural Gardening – Top Ten Tips For Success

Natural gardening can be fun and easy. These top ten tips for success will help you grow large, productive and beautiful plants without harmful chemicals.

Does Organic Always Mean Safe?

Does an Organic label mean that the product is safe? Yes and no. Organically produced products still use fertilizers and pesticides. The types of fertilizers and pesticides used are made from naturally occurring products, instead of man-made or synthetic products.

Natural Fertilizer Is Not Crap

Natural fertilizers are made of many things. Seaweed fertilizers are one of the most effective types of natural fertilizers, and they are not made from composted waste products. In addition to seaweed, compost, grass clippings and plant hormone based fertilizers are natural fertilizers that improve plant growth, soil structure and are safe for the environment.

The Lazy Way To Natural Lawn Care

Lazy lawn care does not have to mean having a weed-choked, sparse yard. Lazy lawn care using natural fertilizers, proper maintenance techniques and grass adapted to your growing conditions can produce a lush lawn safe for relaxing and playing.

Oaks For Your Private Garden – Why You Should Consider Them As Landscape Trees

Oaks should be considered as serious candidates for landscape garden trees. In dry climate gardens, the appropriate species are an essential part of water conserving gardening.

Vegetable Gardening – How to Plan a Vegetable Garden You Will Love

Taking up vegetable gardening for fun has several benefits. Many people find that actually working in the soil is a wonderful relaxation technique. Others have discovered the unequaled taste of home-grown, fresh-picked vegetables. Still others are looking for ways to bring down their personal carbon footprint–vegetable gardening makes eating locally much easier.

How to Grow Vegetables in Containers If You Have a Small Space

If you’ve got limited space to grow vegetables, a container garden might be your best option. Find out how you can still grow your own vegetables, even if you have no yard to do it in.

Vegetable Gardening – Effective Disease Control Methods

One of the most important parts of growing a successful vegetable garden is controlling pests and disease. Find out how you can control disease in your garden.

Buy Banana Trees, Banana Bulbs and Banana Plants For Spring Planting

This informative guide to successful banana growing describes banana trees that can even been grown in climates that reach zero degrees F. The Texas Star Banana is a cold hardy banana, that if grown with the proper care, can survive northern climates, the tropical get-away specimen, that is so often sought after by home owners in colder climates.

A List of Gardening Tools

Gardening can be a very healing and nice past time. Gardening tools and equipments make the job of managing the garden easier. It is better to have them in your gardening inventory.

Garden Lawn Care in the Summer – The Extra Tasks For a Great Lawn

The additional summer tasks that can mean you have a great lawn. The third of three articles on garden lawn care during the summer in dry climates.

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