Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Q&A – Best Tree for the Hottest Spot in the Yard

Weed Free in the Lawn Care Business

Stay weed free in the lawn care business. Lawn maintenance is easier than lawn renovation.

How I Grow Kumera

How I grow kumera (also known as sweet potato) from start to harvest. The type of soil and fertiliser I use and the general care I give to the kumera. Then to finish off by knowing when to harvest.

Introduction To Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics represents the practice of raising plants without soil. This makes it great especially if you are trying to grow a garden indoors. Generally, hydroponics grows plants in nutrient-rich water.

Lavender – The Scent of Relaxation in Your Herb Garden

Amongst the many types of lavender, three main varieties stand out, English, French and Italian lavender. Some have been hybridised and these are easily grown hardy, though you can’t grow the seeds, as they will revert back to the original plant. The hybridised plants have larger flowers; so if looks are what you are after, go for it.

Tilling the Soil

The best landscape plan in the world will turn into an empty dream if the plants grow poorly due to poor tilling practices. So before you turn the first spadeful of earth, ponder this question: How has the weather been and what is the moon phase?

Improve Seed Germination and Plant Growth With Worm Compost

Seed germination and plant growth can be increased by including a 20% proportion of worm castings in your soil or starter mix. My own side-by-side comparisons in starting a number of seeds in this mixture versus regular seed starter mix confirm that there is a clear positive benefit to both the seed germination and plant growth. Beyond the seedling stage, there is an ongoing benefit to plants by adding worm compost.

Garden Irrigation – Which Type Of Electronic Water Timer Is Best For A Private Garden

Installing a professional irrigation system is essential in dry climate gardens, not only to achieve the best results possible, but also as a tool in the correct management and use of water. Make sure to get a decent electronic water timer as well.

Hummingbird Food – Why Buy When You Can Make?

Hummingbirds add a lot of enjoyment to any outdoor garden setting. They are easy to attract with just a little effort. All you need are flowers, a bit of water, and a few hummingbird feeders. Learn how to make your own hummingbird food so that you can be sure to provide the little hummers with clean food.

Gardening – The Holiday at Home

Holiday at Home? Why not? Easily way, after I have working in five days full, I really have weary, my body and mind are very tired.

Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening – An Old Idea Rediscovered!

Hydroponics gardening is not a new idea. In fact one of the Ancient Wonders of the World, the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, were created by using a form of hydroponics to cultivate the plants.

From Seed To Recipe

It would be ideal, if fresh and healthful ingredients were just a step away from the kitchen! In this article, we will explore an easy to grow Asian herb that can be used in many Asian recipes.

5 Ideas for Frugal Vegetable Container Gardening

So you want to have your very own vegetable container garden but think the start up costs are going to be too extensive to make it worth it? Here are 5 ideas to get your garden growing at minimal cost to you. Before you know it, you’ll be a frugal vegetable container gardening guru!

Lawn Care – OK, So We Need To Feed The Lawn! Then What Is The Best Lawn Fertiliser?

OK, so we need to feed the lawn! Then, what is the best lawn fertiliser to use? We know that in order to get our “perfect lawn” we need to (as part of the lawn’s care program) feed the lawn on a regular basis. There has been controversy about the different Lawn Care approaches adopted by different service providers. Broadly there are two (2) main Lawn Care approaches.

Organic Fertilizer or Synthetic Fertilizer – Which is Right For Me?

You are not alone if you stand, staring at the fertilizer bags every Spring wondering what the difference is. All the bags show a lush lawn that creates envy. There are a few basic differences between organic/natural fertilizer and synthetic fertilizer to keep in mind.

Egg Shells to the Front

We go through a lot of eggs. The shells are welcome in the nightcrawler bins up to a point. Then, I’m looking for other things to do with them.

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