Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Q & A When Should Irrigation be Turned Off

Growing Vegetables in Container

It is not as hard as it may seem to grow your own herbs and vegetables within a limited space. Even a window box can bear some nice plants. So take a look at the main article.

The Most Common Greenhouse Mistake

If we decide that we will indeed get a greenhouse and get everything we can dream of out of it! We measure and check where the sun will be and then start looking for the best bang for our buck. It is here that most of us make a mistake that will come back to haunt us in a very short time.

Orchid Flowering Tips – Fact Or Fiction?

If want to get your orchid flowering all year round then you must learn the secrets to getting them to bloom. You must understand what is fact and what is fiction about orchid plants. I will discuss some of the most common myths about orchid flowering and how you can increase your orchid flowering as well.

Organic Gardening – Succession Planting is a Wise Way of Growing a Garden

Succession planting is a wise choice when included in your organic gardening practices. Tips on how to get the most out of your home vegetable garden.

Attracting the Right Animals and Insects to Your Garden

Not all insects are bad for your garden. Some are vital to get rid of those real pests that will kill and destroy your prize vegetables and flowers overnight. So which insects and animals should you attract to your garden, and how to you go about making sure that they stay?

Organic Gardening – Catch Crops and What There Benefits Are

Catch crops and there benefits in your organic garden. Tips that will help the method of simultaneous planting of crops. Make the most out of your garden.

Gardens With Meaning

Gardens can be so much more than a plot filled with beautiful flowers and vegetables. If you are a romantic at heart, and many gardeners are, there are ways to bring even more meaning to your garden.

11 Tips For Injury Free Spring Gardening

It’s that time of year once more and the thing outside needs consideration. Not the dog, the garden. If it hasn’t started growing by now it will very shortly do so. There’s a lot of groundwork to be done if we are to obtain an advantage of the growing period for flowers, vegetables and beautiful lawns.

Slugs in Your Garden

It will not be long now as everyone is rapidly getting energized about their projected garden. Here in Delaware all we can do at this time is plan. We could perhaps prepare our garden soils but as far as placing any plants outside at this time it is still a bit cool.

Save Money & Eat Healthier With an Edible Garden Landscape

Gardening is making a big come back as people are trying to save money in this recession and edible garden landscaping is a way to save money without digging up a huge garden plot. It focuses on using the space you have available to you and keeping the work of gardening to a minimum. Edible garden landscapes use plants that not only look good, but can also provide fresh healthy foods.

Simple Instructions For Vegetable Gardening

As you prepare for your spring of vegetable gardening, you will want to plan your garden first. Your garden will be more successful if it’s well planned-out. The place you select to plant your garden is very important, as far as amount of sunlight and rain, and drainage. You will want a spot fairly close to your house, in full sunlight, with good quality soil. Vegetables do best if they receive six hours of sunlight a day. No matter how much you weed, water or fertilize, if your vegetables don’t get enough sun, they won’t thrive.

Growing Vegetables For Healthy Meals

If you’d like to be growing vegetables in a garden of your own, select a plot close to your home and in full sunlight. Make sure the soil drains well, and is rich in nutrients. And you’ll want to avoid shade from trees or buildings, in selecting the perfect spot.

Organic Gardening – Mixing Your Own Potting Media

There are many benefits in mixing your own potting media. Soil-less mixes are the best way to keep your plants disease and weed free. not all plants are the same, design your own mix for the specific plants you are growing.

Drying, Storing and Planting Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable seeds and flower seeds can be kept for up to a year without any loss in their ability to germinate. You can even extend that to ten years under the most proper of conditions.

Organic Gardening – Peppers Grown Fresh in Your Home Garden

Free organic gardening tips on how to grow peppers and other vegetables. Fresh, crispy and full of flavor straight from your own home garden.

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