Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Q & A – Pampas Grass

Grape Pruning Secrets Revealed

Since grape planting is an attributed job; it involves a number of actions to get well-grown and qualitative grapes. Grape pruning has always been regarded as a major aspect of the grape planting course. In simple words, pruning refers to the process of getting rid of unwanted, non-productive plants, or diseased and decayed substances.

Gardening in the Desert

Here’s a bit of recent history that’s hard to fathom today. In March 1999 Israel was in the midst of such a severe drought that it sought to reduce the amount of water that it was then supplying to Jordan. It is difficult to comprehend that there have been times when Israel was brown and barren.

Using Herbs For Pest Prevention

18 different nasty pests. 36 different herbs for pest prevention.

Tips For Upside Down Tomato Growing

Who doesn’t want a fresh tomato right off the vine? But what if you have lack of space. But now its possible to get fresh tomatoes from your own garden, even if you don’t have too much space. All you need is an open balcony, terrace or even a small patio that receives quite a bit of sunlight and you can have your garden. You can get your fresh and ripe tomatoes from an upside down tomato garden.

Here’s Why Hosta Plants Are a Favorite Among Gardeners

The hosta plant is one of the most versatile and most well-liked plants among home gardeners. Typically grown for their foliage instead of their flowers, the hosta lends a good deal of thick foliage to help support the borders of the home gardens. The flowers of the hosta plant range in color.

Growing Orchids – Providing Light

Light is one of the basic needs for an orchid. Of course this goes for most, if not all, of our plants, trees and so on. But if you are growing your orchid indoors this can cause a problem. How do you supply your plant with sufficient light? And how do you know if the light you provide really is sufficient?

Organic Gardening For Beginners – Tips and Tricks

Spring is here, and I know you have been waiting to get outside and start preparing for your new organic garden. Don’t be afraid to jump right in, even if this is your first attempt at an organic garden. I am going to give you just a few tips to help you with your garden. Consider it the “Top Ten Ways to Have a Healthy Organic Garden”.

Gardening With Cuttings – A How to Guide

A practical guide to plant multiplication. Cloning is a way to mass-produce your favorite plants and the savings can really be substantial. Ever wish you could plant you favorite daylily or iris en masse? Cloning may be a way for you to plant large groupings for a fraction of the cost.

Strawberry Planters – How to Use a Strawberry Planter

Strawberry planters are unique, space-saving, solutions for growing strawberries. It is easy to use a strawberry planter, although a few basic guidelines should be observed. The design of most planters is based on saving space. Since strawberries have shallow roots and tend to hang, they can grow in strawberry planters, which have several “pockets” coming out of the sides of the planters. Planters and strawberry pots are available in a range of sizes. Before you buy a strawberry planter, first consider the amount of space available for it, as well as the desired yield of strawberries. Usually a single strawberry plant will fit in each pocket, and a few strawberry plants will fit on the top of the planter.

Planting Lily Bulbs in the Spring

Once Spring has finally arrived everyone is anxious to get out and start gardening. One of the first things that can be planted are beautiful Asiatic and Oriental lily bulbs. Once the soil can be worked and conditions are comfortable these hardy lilies can be set in the ground. Here are some lily growing tips to help you succeed. Select a site with good drainage as lilies don’t like wet feet. Full sun is preferred. They will do OK in partial shade and may actually have more intense color but … I find they tend to stretch and lean looking for more sun and have softer growth. This makes it difficult for the plant to support all those beautiful blooms.

Organic Gardening – Dealing With Pests

Instead of automatically reaching for chemical pesticides when you see evidence of pests in your garden and on your plants think organic! Chemical pesticides will kill all the insects in your garden, even the beneficial ones and will contaminate the ground water. Find other ways to prevent pests from getting out of hand and reducing their number if they do.

The Many Uses of Tarps at Home

Tarpaulins are one of the most common low cost purchases by homeowners. They can be used for many different things around the home. Tarps are made from different materials, and the material used will have a factor in what it is used for.

Getting Started in the Garden – How to Prepare a Garden Plan to Get it Right First Time

All good gardens start with a plan. This rule applies with new gardens on a blank canvas as well as to mature gardens about to receive an over haul. Having a garden plan, down on paper can save you no end of time, hassle, effort and money; not to mention domestic unrest! Planning a garden, whether large or small is quite a task, but nowhere near as large a task as the physical work involved. When you put a garden plan down on paper, you give yourself the ability to break down the job into manageable phases that might make the difference between it actually getting completed and the wind falling from the sails before it actually sets sail. Get out your notebook and make a plan!

Organic Gardening the New Victory Garden

Now with the growing state of economic uncertainty many people are again looking for ways to not only, stretch their food dollars but also to avoid the high cost of healthcare by making better lifestyle choices, and so, the idea of the “Victory Garden” seems to tackle several problems at hand.

Container Garden Plans Aren’t Always on Paper

Having container garden plans will definitely add to your convenience. Knowing what you want for plants and where you want to place them will make garden arrangement faster. When you are finished with your container garden plans, do not forget to maintain cleanliness in your garden.

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