Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Wildflowers Gone Wild

Pest Control – Invasive Species

As if homeowners, farmers and gardeners don’t have enough to deal with from native born pest species. There are a host of invasive pests that have chosen to make their homes in countries where natural controls don’t exist. These bad bugs can truly devastate entire native populations of plants, trees, animals and other insects, and leave destruction in their wake.

Winter Rules: It’s Your Pond, Avoid Biomass And Keep Your Fish Safe This Winter

Biomass and other problematic materials can present a major threat to the condition of your pond. Depending on where you live – winter may be a difficult time for you and your pond. That is, if you do not know how to keep it properly cared for.

Koi Ponds Are Popular And Pleasing To The Eye: Keep Your Fish Healthy Through The Colder Seasons

When you have a koi pond it is a delight to visit your outdoor pond. A koi pond is as attractive and tranquil as you can get – in the opinions of many people. There are several kinds of koi ponds. There are ponds such as still water ponds, usually accompanied by pond plants such as water lilies. In addition, there are ponds with constant filtration by means of a waterfall and not an underground piping mechanism.

So Your Orchid Won’t Rebloom

One of the most frequent question I get – how to I make my orchid rebloom?

About The History Of Trimming And Sculpting Bonsai Trees

Trimming and sculpting of bonsai trees has a long history. The first bonsai trees should have been planted in trays in China already about 2000 years ago. Nowadays, all over the world people began to discover growing of bonsai trees as their hobby.

Choosing Water Garden Filter Systems For Water Both You And Your Fish Will Love

Find out how to choose the right water garden filter system for a crystal clear water feature in your garden.

Growing The Delightful Flowering Crabapple Tree

Learn about the flowering crabapple tree and some things you should take into consideration before you plant one.

The Benefits Of Using Artificial Grass

Sick of mowing the lawn? Than try putting in artificial grass – here’s the pros and cons of this easy to keep lawn.

Attract Bluebirds To Your Garden With The Proper Bluebird Houses

Tips on attracting these brilliant blue colored birds to your yard and gardens.

The Fine Art Of Bonsai Propagation

Learn the secrets of bonsai propagation by seeds

Looking For Different Bonsai Species

Learn about various bonsai species and how to find a proper species for bonsai growing

Staying Alive: Having A Disease And Insect-Free Bonsai

Learn the common insects and disease found in bonsai gardening

Growing An Indoor Bonsai

Find how and what to grow indoor as a bonsai.

Reasons Why Indoor Plants Are Good For Your Home

Learn the benefit of indoor gardening

A Beginner’s Guide To Bonsai Growing

Learn the basic about bonsai, its history and culture.

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