Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Spectacular Colors of Fall

Working In Your Flower Garden Is Therapeutic

Many homeowners love working outdoors in their yard and it is unusual not to find flower and garden areas tended on a regular basis. For some it is their love of growing their own flowers and garden vegetables are usually much tastier than those imported into the stores from other parts of the country. However, for many just being outdoors is half the fun with the results of their labors being its own reward.

Indoor Bonsai Care

Learn the basics of indoor bonsai care and how to grow amazing bonsai trees that will impress your friends and family!

Types of Flowers and What They Mean

A flower is a lovely product of a plant. It is serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose. Besides making a plant look attractive, the flower also plays an important role in the plants ability to reproduce.

Bonsai Tree Care

Watering is fundamental to all plant life. Without water a tree will die, in a bone dry bonsai container a tree will die of thirst as little as 48 hours. That is where most new comers make their first mistake, more bonsai are killed through panic over watering than any other causes combined. When to Water The first and only rule to learn is this: Water thoroughly but only when a bonsai needs it.

Getting the Most Out of Your New Backyard Greenhouse

Imagine fresh-cut flowers gracing your Christmas table or home-grown peas and carrots filling your Thanksgiving bowls. These concepts aren’t just pipedreams. With a greenhouse or solar shed on your property, they can become realities.

8 Tips for Choosing Roses for Your Garden

Did you know that there are literally hundreds of types of roses that you can grow in your garden? With such a wide selection to choose from, it can certainly be difficult to choose the rose that’s right for your garden.

Simple Steps To Having The Perfect Garden Lawn

What could be easier than pushing a lawn mower over the grass? Would someone really need advice on that? Well, with anything, there is more to it than seems at first glance.

A Beautiful Flower Garden – One Plant at a Time

If you are looking to have a beautiful flower garden full of thriving plants, the best thing you can do is take it one plant at a time.

Get Your Lawn In Proper Shape With These Lawn Care Tips

It has been said that winter is the most difficult part of the year. Many of your properties need what you call weatherization or preparation for the winter season.

Caring for Bonsai Tree – 5 Simple Steps to Mastery

Here are some simple steps to make caring for your bonsai tree much easier. If you are new to the hobby the art can be a bit of a mystery. But with these simple tips you too can quickly become like the pros and get on your way to bonsai mastery!

Tuscan Garden Design – Good Planting

Tuscan garden design can be easy when the basic principles are outlined and understood. The secrets are hidden in the type of planting used, good evergreen structure and an emphasis on plant symbolism.

Red Tulip Gardens – Attract Attention Next Spring

If you like to attract attention, plant a red tulip garden that stands out. Since red is so popular, it is no wonder why many people want to have red tulip gardens. If you always wanted to plant red tulips and have an attractive spring tulip garden, learn more.

How to Design Pink Tulip Flower Gardens

Like to wear pink? How about dressing your yard in pink tulips next year? Read this article for tips on how to select pink tulip flowers for next year’s garden.

Plant a Purple Tulip Hope Patch

Hope for the future is a very good quality to have. A Hope Patch garden is just that – a reminder that future can be better and that tomorrow brings another day. By planting your own Hope Patch garden of purple tulips, you can help bring more joy and beauty into your life. Here’s how…

Cavorting Outside My Window

A moment of peace recognized, sprinkled with joy in my garden. Squirrels, birds of many types playing in our garden as we share this great planet together.

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