Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Lisa’s Sizzling Summer Shrubs

The Beauty of Gardening

One of the most relaxing exercises and part-time activities is gardening. Gardening used to be associated with seniors who had retired and wanted to reconnect with nature but recently, the trend has caught on with more and younger people. It is now not uncommon to see younger homeowners taking a particular interest in the way their backyard looks and even planting some exotic plants. Many people still use landscaping companies to do their gardening themselves but this hardly has the personal touch that makes gardening such a relaxing and serene activity. As more and more people adopt gardening as an extra-curriculum activity, there is also a rush to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in gardening.

Garden Irrigation – Watering Trees and Shrubs During a Drought Year

During drought years, it is more logical to think that the lawn and flowers have to be watered, while the trees and shrubs can get by without. In fact, the reverse is true.

Japanese Gardens – The Beauty and the Serenity

Japanese gardens are famous all over the world for their serenity and beauty. One of the main concepts in these gardens is to instill a feeling of beauty in the person viewing the garden.

The Facts You Should Know About Gardening

To open, countless gardeners attempt to evade fall gardening as much as they can as a result of the winter frosts which generally occur quite early and can make things a little demanding. Discovering all you can that’s related to fall gardening plus other gardening information will definitely prove priceless to you in handling any setbacks that may well arise.

The Importance of Your Lawn

Having a beautiful lawn goes right along with the American Dream. Learn other reasons why your lawn is so important too.

Five Great Tips to Growing Your Own Fresh Flowers This Summer

When it comes to great summer flowers, just about anybody can go to the store and buy some that are ready to be displayed in their house, but there’s a certain satisfaction that comes from planting and raising your own flowers for the summer season. Here are a handful of tips to keep in mind when planting your own summer flowers this season.

Is My Bonsai Tree Tortured As I Make Him Grow Dwarf?

A variety of trees that are smaller than the species tree, but retains all of the characteristics of a full size species tree is called a dwarf tree. The process of growing small plants is really a very simple one, and is based upon one of the commonest principles of vegetable physiology. We all know that anything that retards in any way the free circulation of the sap, also causes to a certain extent the formation of wood and leaves.

Caring For Trees – Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Even though many people don’t really think of trees needing care, just like any other plant, it’s a fact that they do. Here, you will learn some simple tips and tricks to help maintain the health of your trees.

Container Gardening

As well as using plastic or terracotta flower pots in your garden, there are numerous others ways to decorate your outdoor space. I have outlined three of them here. For those of you who do not have a garden consider using a trough or sink, using plants that do not need much water to thrive, such as dwarf conifers, succulents and many of the other plants traditionally used in container gardening.

Orchids – Growing Media and Orchids

Growing Media has a number of functions, but one of the main purposes… When it comes to buying Growing Media for your orchid… A very well-known type of Growing Media… Two varieties of Sphagnum Moss are commonly available…

Preparing Your Garden

One of the things that discourages many novice gardeners who want to delve into gardening is the lack of knowledge of the plants and flowers that do well. Another aspect that compounds the problem is the fact that different flowers flourish differently based on soil samples and the actual local climate. Many people who venture into gardening, buy plants without really taking into consideration these factors. For many, the way the plants look is the overriding factor.

Choosing the Best Tools For Gardening

Strictly speaking, gardening can be done with the most rudimentary tools. After all, all over the world, especially in remote Third Word countries, people still use extremely primitive tools for farming and do gardening and they still end up producing a crop albeit of a lower quantity. Even though a pair of willing hands and some gloves can do some excellent gardening all by themselves, working with tools can maximize one’s effectiveness and ensure better results.

Little Gardeners

Ever since our daughter was old enough to walk, she loved helping us garden. We’d give her pint-sized gardening tools and a spot to dig in and she couldn’t be happier. It didn’t take long before we created a vegetable patch just for her.

Bonsai Trees – Caution – They Are Addictive

Bonsai is not just about the tips and techniques. Its not just about styles and rules or watering and fertilizing. Bonsai gardening is a state of mind, a place to unwind from our busy busy world and just chillout. If you’re looking for a way to relax and at the same time enjoy some immense satisfaction, then Bonsai trees may just hold the key. But be warned….they can be addictive!

New at Gardening With Vegetables

Having enough space for your garden vegetables to grow is very important. You should keep track of what needs to go where and how you need to plant each individual plant. Rotating your plants is very necessary too. You should do this each year to prevent diseases from entering the soil.

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