Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Lisa’s Showy Summer Grasses

Plant Selection as Important as Good Soil?

You can have the most perfect soil on earth and yet if you try to put the wrong plant in that soil, it will not grow for you no matter how well you prepare it or how perfect the pH level is. Gardeners know that good soil is important in their garden. But can plant selection be just as important as good soil? You bet it can!

The Role & Measures of Nutrients in Plant Growth

Environment plays a very important role in plant growth upto a point. Once optimal environmental levels have been achieved in the hydroponics grow room, however, it is the quality of nutrition that determines crop quality and output.

Better Food Plots – 10 Steps For Success

The interest in wildlife/land management is at an all time high. Planting food plots wildlife has become an obsession for many people. This article will give many helpful tips for more successful food plots.

Garden Pests and Diseases – Do You Always Have to Spray?

Most home gardeners are unhappy about using poisons to control pests and disease in the garden. What they should know is that the use pesticides is largely unnecessary in any case.

Lilies Were Her Favorite

Did you know lilies were her favorite? Or so I thought, it wasn’t until I came across her diary years after she passed that I realized orchids were her passion. In her upscale home in central Cuba Blanca Fernandez my great-grandmother had an Orchid collection that caused her to be known as the garden envy of the block. Blanca’s garden was extraordinary she had hundreds of orchids in her green house, which was nothing more than a small area of her yard that was turned into an orchid garden.

Plants With Decorative Fruit – An Important Consideration in Garden Design

While certain trees and shrubs are often planted in gardens because of the edible fruit they supply, the additional visual impact of many fruiting plants should be considered in terms of the overall garden design. Fruit hanging on trees and bushes will in itself provide color, sometimes at a time when color in the garden is lacking, such as is the case with lemon trees in Mediterranean climates, at the beginning of winter. Many woody plants of course have inedible fruit, but highly interesting ones nonetheless, not only in terms of color, but also with regard to …

Fun Garden Design Ideas – Patio Garden

Don’t let living in an apartment keep you from enjoying a beautiful garden. If you would love to have a peaceful garden to relax in, but all you have is an apartment patio or balcony, you can still enjoy the benefits of a garden.

The Best Way To Buy Perennials Online

Buying your garden plants online, is the most convenient way of obtaining them. It is so easy these days, to buy perennials online, that one really has little need to travel to the nursery or store to buy them.

Why Should I Buy Commercial Greenhouse Plants?

There are many benefits to buying commercial greenhouse plants that professional landscapers have been aware of for years. Among these include the health and quality of the plant, the range in species and the cost of the plant.

What Should be Considered in a Greenhouse Design?

If you are thinking about building a greenhouse, you will definitely be getting ready to prepare a greenhouse design. There are many factors that contribute to the design and they should be taken into account.

Why Buy Perennials Online and Is It Safe To Buy Perennials Online?

A great many garden and nursery companies, now have websites, but is it really practical or safe to buy perennials online? Busy gardeners don’t have the time to wander around garden centres and nurseries for hours at a time, so it is obviously much more convenient for them to buy their plants from these web sites. There are naturally a few rules one should follow when doing so.

Landscape Gardening – The 4 Things You Must Know Before Choosing a Tree For a Small Garden

When choosing a tree for a small garden, it’s easy to get carried away by a particular plant’s flowers or fruit. However, there are four criteria that must be looked into first.

Garden Centers – The Big Mistake You Must Avoid When Visiting a Garden Center

When looking for plants in a garden center or plant nursery, avoid the temptation of buying on impulse. The first thing to remember is that a garden center is not a supermarket.

Garden Weed Control – The Most Basic Thing You Ought to Know

Coping with weeds is of course a matter of knowledge and experience. The first thing though is to have the right definition as to what a weed is.

Growing Landscape Bushes As Small Trees

A secret that can turn your garden into a special one! An idea particularly suited to a dry climate garden. I was recently reminded of a little touch that I’d always loved, but had almost forgotten. I was visiting family in a village in Northern Israel, when I saw a fairly common shrub limbed up to take the form of a small tree,

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