Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Roses Arrived Just in Time for Mothers Day

It’s All in the Container – Secrets to a Unique and Beautiful Terrarium

The Container of a terrarium doesn’t have to be a glass jug. It can be any one of a thousand creative ideas. Using a unique container will transform your average terrarium into something unique and a conversation piece for friends to look at and enjoy. Here are some ideas for creative containers you can use.

Adding a Garden to Your Home Adds More Than Beauty

There are a lot of ways to add value to your home, from putting on an addition to upgrading your appliances. And while some experts say the biggest bang for your buck is renovating your kitchen or adding a bathroom, there are certainly other, smaller ways to add value while creating something that you can cherish for a long time.

How to Grow the Best Swiss Chard You’ve Ever Planted in the Easiest Garden You’ve Ever Planned!

Home vegetable gardens are making a fast comeback as homeowners realize the health benefits of growing their own food. Learn about an easy way to plant, maintain and harvest your kitchen garden with these easy tips!

Shears and Shovels – Quality Garden Tools For Your Lawn and Garden

Shears and Shovels are a couple of quality garden tools you really can’t do without if you do a lot of gardening and lawn work. Their primary function is to assist in removing plants and soil from area to another.

This Year’s Vegetable Garden Can Be Your BEST EVER Using These Quick and Easy Tips!

You can use many common household items to make your gardening experiences easier, cheaper and faster. Here are just a few for you to consider in your vegetable garden.

5 Organic Vegetable Gardening Tips the Food Companies Don’t Want You to Know

It’s no secret that organically grown vegetables taste WAY better than the processed, chemically grown, stuff. In fact, I have a friend who owns an upscale restaurant and his customers *rave* about the food when his chef uses organic vegetables.

My Grandpas Garden

Growing up in a steel town, I did not have the resources to do experiments that would make my garden vegetables grow and bear a decent product. However, I did have my grandpa- he grew up through the depression so he knew how important it was to have your own garden. However-most of us are what I call a week-end gardener.

Deadheading Spent Flower Blooms – How to Deadhead Flowers

Cutting off dead blooms from your flowering plants is known as deadheading. It is a necessary step to not only keep the garden or landscape looking fresh and clean, but to also encourage new blooms from plants that would normally be finished blooming for the year.

Sprinkler Systems – Help and Havoc

A well-tuned sprinkler system is a must for any homeowner in Orlando, Florida. Warm-season grasses in hot areas with sandy soils need adequate water at the proper time to remain healthy. Unfortunately, sprinkler systems can be as helpful as they can harmful to the lawn. Keep in mind the following tips to ensure that your sprinklers are well-adjusted and working.

Natural Fertilizer Makes Roses Zoom

Contrary to what many people believe, growing roses at home can be quite easy, manageable and even fun. Of course, just like any other plant, if not tended to, roses can present a plethora of problems. But if well managed, your blossoming rose bushes, full of color and strong fragrance, will be well-worth your time.

Raised Beds Are the Key to Better and More Comfortable Gardening

Raised beds are great for growing vegetables. They help get the season off to a early start, and they make life more comfortable for the gardener. For greenhouse gardeners, raised beds also serve as energy storage devices that help retain warmth inside the greenhouse after the sun goes down. This article discusses the benefits of raised beds and common variations that are used outdoors and in the greenhouse.

Growing Roses – Types of Roses For Your Rose Garden

Now that you’ve made your plan you’ve gotten to the fun part – you get to decide what kind of roses you would like to grow. Read on to learn more about the different types of roses you can grow.

Helpful Tips to a Healthy Tomato Garden

One of the hobbies that I really love is maintaining a vegetable garden. To me it is not only relaxing but also very challenging. To not only get the vegetables to grow, but have them be healthy and produce a product that tastes good.

Favorite Garden Vegetables, Part 2 – Romaine Lettuce

If you’re looking for the best vegetables for your home garden to become your favorites on the table, then this is a good place to start. The second in an extensive series, this article takes a good look at Romaine Lettuce.

The Advantages of Windowsill Herb Gardens

Fresh herbs are great for cooking, but they can take a big bite out of your grocery budget. Instead, save money and brighten up your home with a windowsill herb garden.

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