Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Pretty Fall Flowers

Bonsai Tree Care – Preventing Disease

Good bonsai tree care is essential for the prevention of disease. Most bonsai trees that have been well cared for will not succumb to disease as good growing conditions have allowed them to develop vigor and resilience. So how do you make sure your bonsai isn’t affected by unwanted pests and disease?

How To Keep Your Compost Pile Moist

Many people do not realize that if their compost pile is too wet or too dry, composting does not take place. This article explains what to do in order to keep the pile moist, that is, how to remedy the situation if the pile is too wet or too dry.

How To Add Air To Your Compost Pile

Air is one of the three essential requirements needed by the decomposer organisms in your compost pile. Because air penetrates only the first few inches of the pile, it needs help to reach the center. Therefore if you suddenly get that nasty rotten egg smell around the compost, it means that anaerobic bacteria are moving in, and the pile may simply need to breathe.

Which Composting Process Should You Use?

The article gives a general overview of what composting is all about, the three requirements of composting, and the three main ways one can compost. In order to end up with this crumbly, dark, soil like humus, you can use any one or all three of the outlined processes.

Top 24 Plants for a Bird Lover’s Garden

It is quite easy to have a garden that birds will love. Here’s a quick way to have a beautiful garden that will attract birds and keep them coming back year after year.

How To Improve Your Flower Garden

Knowing how to care for your flower garden can make a big difference in the look and over-all health of your plants. Here are some simple hints to make your garden bloom with health.

Australian Stingless Bees – A Safe and Fascinating Way to Keep Your Own Honeybees

Ten of Australia’s 1,500 native bee species are true blue honeybees. These tiny 4 mm black bees are in the genera ‘Trigona’ and ‘Austroplebeia’. They live in large social colonies with a queen, drones and thousands of worker bees. They make a delicious aromatic honey called ‘Sugarbag’. But best of all they don’t sting!

Monkshood -The Flower With a Deadly Side

A simple flower nearly killed my neighbor. A toxic flower that doubles as a heart medication. Handle with care as even an experienced gardener found out the hard way. Never take a plant for granted.

For The Love Of Home Gardening

Home gardening can involve a number of different gardening techniques, ranging from simple ways to garden inside your home, to hydroponics gardening, to anything else that you can conjure up.

3 Top Indoor Bonsai Tree Care Tips

Discover the three top indoor bonsai tree care tips that will help you become a bonsai pro, fast!

Benefit From Gardening

Gardening is good for our health. It reflects our personality. No special qualifications are needed to start gardening. All we really need is genuine interest.

Air Movement to Gain Control Over Temperature, Humidity & CO2

In addition to light and carbon dioxide all plants, whether they are grown in soil or in indoor grow rooms, need a steady supply of fresh air. While this is achieved naturally in outdoor gardens, fields, farms etc., in hydroponics gardening special means have to adopted to ensure air movement for continual supply of fresh air. This is done using fans blowers and associated equipment.

Planting, Growing and Caring for the Ultimate Bamboo Hedge

Are you planning to create a bamboo hedge to screen your yard for privacy? Well here are some sure-fire points you do not want to miss!

How to Grow Grapes – Backyard Grape Growing Secrets Revealed

You are not required to own acres of land in order to grow your own grapes. I have written this article to help you learn how to grow grapes in your backyard without being a full time grape farmer.

Flower Garden – Tips for the Novice Gardener

Have you started a flower garden but aren’t impressed with the results? Perhaps the flowers are wilting or you don’t like the way they are positioned. Following are some gardening tips to help you achieve the flower garden you envisioned:

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