Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Lisa’s Perennials that Love the Summer Heat

Advantages of Bermuda Grass on Your Garden

Advantages of Bermuda grass make it a favorite in many lawns. Know how to grow and care Bermuda grass on your lawn.

7 Garden Decor Tips

Your garden doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s garden. Some simple ideas will help you to personalize your garden, making it your own personal little oasis.

Tips You Have To Know About Growing Grass

Caring for your lawn grass is very important and particularly special if your home has a large lawn. Know how to keep healthy and beautiful without spending much.

Home Garden Fountains

Consider adding a home garden fountain to add soothing sounds and a peaceful setting to your home’s landscaping. Individuals devoted to gardening use fountains as a means to add ambiance and individual character to their garden or outdoor living space.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

The phalaenopsis is easily the most popular variety of orchid and that is most likely because it is well suited to growing indoors. Like all orchids though, the phalaenopsis orchid still needs special care. This article gives you all the tips you’ll need to ensure your orchid stays beautiful

The Benefits of Ergonomic Garden Tools

Ergonomic garden tools being made that allow the user to sit and work. Made with longer handles and foam grips, they are easier to use than traditional gardening tools. Read more on the benefits of Ergonomic Garden Tools that makes gardening much easier and more interesting.

Growing Orchids For Beginners

Orchids are great for a flower enthusiast or even just someone you love. Many people are caught up with the beauty of the flowers but forget that they require a little love and care. This article gives you a few juicy tid bits if you’re new to growing orchids.

Plants That Grow On Trellis’ And Arbors

In recent years, we have devoted much of our efforts to making our yard the most attractive piece of property in the neighborhood. Arbors and trellises make wonderful additions to gardens; up against trees, or even in a spot of your lawn that needs that something extra. You can develop a number of setups to help your vertical vegetation thrive and bring a vibrant look to your home.

Types of Garden Arbors

Garden arbors bring character to any garden area. There are many different types of arbors and trellises to meet every personal taste.

Plants And Garden Pests – Dispelling The Rumors

Despite any rumors you may have heard, there really are no plants out there that will significantly alter the number of insect pests that invade your garden. There certainly are options such as insecticides, chemical treatments, citronella candles, and so on. But you want to be sure not to endanger your plants, so find out what chemicals are safe in your garden. Unfortunately there are no miracle cures for ridding yourself of garden pests – but you can definitely do things to repel them.

Quick Growing With AeroGarden

Indoor gardening is increasing in popularity. Not only is it easy, adding a garden in your home is a healthy choice. Well selected and artfully arranged plants are visually attractive, and add to the décor of your home. An easy way to begin is to investigate aero gardening, a soil free method of gardening.

Growing Medical Herbs

Growing medical herbs is an excellent hobby or business on the side. The art and science of this process has been refined over the years, so you probably shouldn’t have any problems growing herbs on your own. They’re healthful, popular and most of all, easy to care for.

Choosing Hydroponic Nutrients for Your Garden

In hydroponics, plants do not grow in soil. Instead, the plants are grown in a water-based medium or other growing mediums like coir, rockwool, etc. Growing plants using hydroponics is advantageous in urban areas, where space is at a premium. It also benefits those regions where the soil is not conducive to gardening.

Caring for Indoor Orchids

Orchids are the perfect plant to have around the home. They can add a real beauty to your indoor area and a ‘breath of fresh air’ to any dark room. There are some important things you need to know when growing orchids indoors, this article will show you the important ones.

Orchid Care In Homes

Orchids occur naturally in the wild but because of their rare beauty are often used as indoor plants. Who could blame you? These beautiful flowers have the ability to brighten up any room and put a smile on anyones face. Growing orchids in homes though requires a little knowledge on how to care for your orchids indoors, this article shows you how.

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