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Herb Garden Plants – Drying And Overwintering

When you hear a severe frost warning on the news, is it time to say good-bye to your lemon grass, lemon verbena, basil, or other tender herb garden plants? Not if you overwinter them in pots indoors.

What is the Subject of Your Container Garden?

At the end of the season, you can bring your planter indoors or trim your herbs and dry them. Here is a good selection to begin with, and don’t be scared to mix and match: bee balm or bergamot (also used in Earl Grey), lemon balm, mint (choose different types), and relaxing chamomile.

It’s Never Too Late to Plant a Garden

It is always a good time to plant a garden! For those concerned about the rising prices of fresh produce, growing your own is a good option. You can start a garden at any time of the year and harvest your first crop one or two months after. Growing your own garden will give you peace of mind, should food prices rise beyond your reach.

Use Natural Fertilizers to Grow Your Own Nutritious Produce

With food prices rising, growing your own produce is becoming more than a hobby, it is becoming an necessity. When growing your own food to save money and protect yourself against food shortages, using the right techniques is important. To grow the most nutritious and tasty fruits and vegetables, use natural fertilizer to feed your plants. Your plants and your family will thank you!

Top Five Tips For Survival Gardening

Survival gardening is not a new idea, but has not been widely practiced in the United States since World War II. With food prices rising and a global food shortage crisis spreading, the ability to grow and store your own food is more important than it ever has been. These five tips will help you plant a successful survival garden.

Landscape Trees – Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing One For Your Garden

Many home gardeners choose a landscape tree based on spectacular flower color or some other showy feature. The professional garden designer however, considers flower color at the end not at the beginning of the design process.

Preserving Fresh Herb Plants

It is great to have fresh herbs at your fingertips for kitchen and medical use. However it has been said, that all things must come to an end and this applies to the seasons, which means the end of your fresh herbs. To be able to make the best of the herbs all year round, you will want to know how to preserve them so they can still be used during the colder months.

Gardens For Surviving the Global Food Shortage Crisis

The global food shortage crisis is moving rapidly around the world. It is already affecting less-developed nations, but will soon be felt by residents in highly developed countries. One way to prepare yourself for rising food costs is to grow your own produce. A few tips will help you grow affordable, tasty and nutritious produce for your entire family.

A Gardener Calendar – Summer Time Starting in June

Summer is a wonderful time. It’s the best time of the year for a bit of relax in our beloved garden, in green surroundings. June is the first summer month and the first month when we can see the results of our earlier work in the garden.

Prolonging the Life of Your Summer Garden

Everyone loves a summer garden, whether the garden produces colorful blooms and fragrant flowers or vegetables to keep the family fed during the long winter season. There are many benefits to be enjoyed if you can keep your summer garden growing and thriving. Many gardeners are always on the lookout for ways to prolong the life of their summer garden in order to get a bit more life from their flowers, plants, and vegetables.

Techniques in Hydroponics Culture – What is Best?

Hydroponics culture has been used widely and has been proven to make agriculture more efficient and effective, at lower overhead costs and high quality standard of produce. The use of technique for hydroponics system may vary depending on the produce and the space available to apply it. What is advantageous, mostly, the techniques are versatile and can be adapted to any environment.

Hydroponics in Commercial Food Production

The growing global market trend of hydroponics will continue to surge due to its efficiency and high quality of production. Though much of the producers are based in the First world countries, many greenhouses in other countries use hydroponics technology, indicating that hydroponics have been recognized for its efficiency in agricultural production.

Indoor Gardening For the Constrained Gardener

Not everyone who loves gardening can afford to plant outdoors. The reasons range from the lack of space to the fear of snipers. These reasons however are no deterrent to enjoying the beauty of gardening indoors which this article examines.

The Best Location For Your New Garden

The object of a successful vegetable garden is to eat the fruits of your labor. Anybody can garden like the pro’s and enjoy a huge harvest of tasty, fresh, nutritious vegetables throughout the year if they know the essentials of successful gardening. One of the most important factors is having a good location. A good location is one that receives direct sunlight all, or most of the day.

Culinary & Medicinal Herb Gardening Has Healthy & Tasty Benefits

For centuries herbs have been cultivated by mankind. They are used to heighten the flavor of our food and have even been thought to benefit our wellness. Growing herbs in a home garden is easy and satisfying and can be tried by everybody.

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