Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Lisa’s New Fruits and Herbs

Planting Rose Bushes – The Five Essential Steps For Success

Roses can be such a magnificent part of the garden, yet the home gardener is too often disappointed with their performance. Correct procedures at planting, go a long way in ensuring decent results.

How to Take Care of Hoodia Gordonii Seeds

Perhaps, you have already heard of Hoodia Gordonii. Many people are actually excited on this product since it has the ability to suppress appetite.

Growing Plants Indoors Using Hydroponics

Just because aeroponics and hydroponics kits don’t require the use of soil, plants still need supplements. This is what they get from the water or their food. It is what sustains the plants. Make sure your nutrient solution maintains a pH level of 5 to 6 after dilution and that the plants are watered more than three times a day by using a pump and a timer.

Spring Fertilizing Garden Beds

Flowering trees and shrubs bloom on spring fertilizing garden beds. When creating a garden bed, you must also consider the draining system and proximity to watering benefits. Traditional gardeners usually remove previous vegetation before enriching the soil and blending it with organic matter, rocks and lime stones.

Vermicomposting and the Use of Wormeries

Vermicomposting is the end-result of the process of turning organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for gardening by way of using specific types of worms to consume and cast the organic material turning it into nutrient-rich fertilizer, which plants love. Items you would normally throw away, such as coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, eggs shells and rotting fruits – anything organic except meats, bones and dairy products – are now recycled for your garden.

Building a Worm Farm

Having a worm farm at home is a step in the right direction to making your home eco friendly,which in turn is helping the environment and could also save you money as well as reducing your household waste. I find that my worm farm takes up little time and in a way is a different pet for my children. Worms know how to keep themselves occupied and takes very little upkeep or maintenance What is a worm farm?

Top 8 Gifts For Gardeners

Whether it’s for a birthday, mother’s day, father’s day or another special occasion, gardeners are very easy to buy gifts for. Even if you don’t know what they need or what is on their wish list, you can still easily find something for them. To help you out, here is a list of gifts that are perfect for any gardener.

Drip Irrigation – An Efficient Watering System For Gardening

Drip irrigation supply water directly at the very roots of the plants. In this way it provides deeper level of watering than the surface level and more importantly reduce the wastage of water resulted from evaporation.

Reasons For Using Mulch in a Garden

Mulch is a material made from other garden materials that is then laid across the surface of the soil. This material can help the soil underneath to retain moisture and also if the right one is used can improve the condition of it as well. Below we explain some more about mulch, Wilmington gardeners use and what kinds they can consider using for their gardens.

Landscaping Gardens – The Hidden Costs Involved

It is important that you think about what you would like to do when considering having the landscaping your Tampa garden done. When it comes to landscaping Tampa gardens the first thing you should have set firmly in your mind is how much you are willing to spend on the project. Ideally one should spend time planning out every aspect of the project to ensure that you can work to the constraints of your budget more effectively.

Conserving Water With a Rain Barrel

Collecting water in a rain barrel is certainly not a new idea. People have collected rainwater and used it to water gardens and irrigate crops almost since the beginning of time.

The Experts Guide to Formal Gardens

Gardens usually reflect their owners in one way or another. An untidy, relaxed person will often have an untidy and relaxed garden, whereas as elegant person who likes everything to be in its place may well opt for a formal garden. Such a garden is usually a positive feature of the home rather than just an outdoor space.

Growing Orchids For Your Home

Few plants evoke more attention than an orchid; once so rare and costly, their exclusive reputation still renders them precious. Orchids in a living room immediately seem to lift the area into another dimension of luxury and ease of living.

Shaping a Bonsai For Maximum Appeal

In the art of bonsai, the major difference between a pleasing and a not so pleasing example is the shape. Literati, coiled, slanting and cascading are all styles to consider.

How to Build a Worm Farm

Building a worm farm, or vermicomposting, is quite simple if you have the right products. The easiest product to start with would be an old barrel or wood crate. Fill the barrel with about 25% dirt and 25% of other compost material, such as leaves, aged manure, and old food scraps.

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