Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Gifts any Valentine Gardener Love

Fall Tree Colors – Flowering Dogwood Cornus Florida

Flowering dogwood is an attractive tree during the whole year. Spring brings the white, pink, or red flower, summer attractive green foliage and fall the burgundy leaves with the bright red berries as a foil. The attractive and interesting branch structure and bark make the tree a winter ornamental also.

Having Fun With Windchimes

Windchimes make most of us think of relaxing on the porch with a glass of something cold. But if you don’t have a porch here are some other ideas to be able to enjoy windchimes

Use The 5 W’s When Choosing A Hammock

What to look for when shopping for a hammock-

Everything You Need To Know About Home-Grown Strawberries

Landscaping Guides and Tips

Garden Toad House

Although not many people think of it, attracting toads with a garden toad house is a great way to get nature into your garden.

History Of Peach Trees, Prunus Persica

A history of the very popular fruit tree, the peach!

The Basic Ingredient for Lawn Mower Batteries

Batteries are used in lawn mowers for many purposes. Batteries are used in diesel engines for starting and in cordless lawn mowers for powering the lawn mowers. Read all about the batteries used in lawn mowers here.

Fall Is The Time To Prepare For Winter With Mulching And Pruning

Here it is fall and the garden is ready to snooze. Hold it, there is more work to be completed. Some mulching and some pruning.

That Turn-Heading Porch Is Yours

Turing your porch from ho-hum to head-turning does not have to mean that you need to do a major and expensive renovation. In fact, creating the porch of your dreams can be an easy and fun experience which can reflect your personal taste and also give that forgotten area of your house a lift that it so much needed.

Four Alternatives to Grass for Lawns

A quick guide to some of the alternatives to grass in your garden.

Fall Tree Colors – Sugar Maple – Acer Saccharum

Acer saccharin, the Sugar Maple, is one of the basic components of the rich palette of colors which paint the forests of the eastern United States each year. Its yellow or reddish leaves glow in the autumn sunlight.. Its lumber is a valuable forest resource and various products manufactured from its sweet sap enrich our lives. Its seeds provide a rich source of nutrition for much of the wildlife inhabiting the woodlands.

Hints and Requirements to Make The Optimum Compost

Compost is the center of gardening. In order to have anything grow properly you need to feed the soil not the plant. Rich in nutrients and great for soil and plants, compost is easy to make in your own backyard.

Organic Gardening and Organic Fertilizers are Safe if Used Correctly

With the recent scare to the nation’s spinach crop one must take the proper precautions to avoid infection from E. coli when using manure as a fertilizer. There is no reason to sacrifice the health benefits of organic gardening if one adheres to the correct procedures.

Make a Fiberglass Support Cover for Your New Silicone Mold

It is a great feeling to see the results of all the work you did and you may decide it was worth it. That is when you should start planning your next project.

Fascinating Things to Know About the Juniper Bonsai

There are a few varieties of juniper that make excellent choices for bonsai. One of these is the Juniperus X, a natural hybrid species. It is a popular bonsai in Japan.

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