Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Fresh Herbs & Flowers for Thanksgiving

Garden Tips for Great Gardens

As we write this article today on gardens the weather is absolutely terrible. We have now had continuous rain for the last two days, and it certainly does not look like it’s going to let up any time soon. The grounds and gardens certainly need this rainfall, and the farmer’s crops too as they have already started their watering regime.

Japanese Maples – Choosing The Right Acer

Trying to compare over a 1000 cultivars and make a fair decisions would be really tedious if not impossible. So, instead of listing some variations and telling you which ones are the best, I will try to decipher a little of the horticultural jargon as it applies directly to Japanese Maples. Hopefully this little bit of knowledge will give you some confidence and authority when you go to buy your next Japanese Maple.

Early Spring Flower Ideas

Today, I’m going to point out six early spring flowers. Whether you’re out to plant some flowers or just like to gaze, these six flowers are great.

Tips On Sharpening The Lawn Mower Blade

A rotary-blade lawn mower is designed to cut grass by slicing it off at great speeds. The blades will rotate on many mowers at approximately 3,000 revolutions per minute. But at this great speed the blades become ineffective if chipped or dented. However, keeping the lawn mower blade sharp is often a straightforward task that only takes a few minutes with the appropriate tools and techniques.

The Essential Lawn Care Tools

Maintaining the appearance of the lawn is not simply a task that can be achieved by just mowing, though. An edger or trimmer will be necessary. The two styles are the old-fashioned twin bladed model with a lengthy handle. Gliding the blade next to steps, patio bricks, and other edges helps to keep the lawn tidy and looking great.

For Maximum Effectiveness Keep You’re Gardening Tools Clean

Most of your gardening tools will have metal pieces, which leaves them subject to oxidation that weakens them. Wooden sections can also experience a hasty demise if the coating wears away due to neglect. Giving the necessary care to your garden and lawn tools will ensure the maximum lifetime and effectiveness.

Blacklisted Items to Keep Out of Your Compost

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who want to compost but don’t know what exactly they’re allowed to put into their batches. Read on to find out what items you should definitely keep out of your compost bin for a successful batch of ready to use compost.

Ingredients to Include in Your Compost

Composting for your backyard garden or for your indoor plants is a healthy and beneficial process for your plants and the environment. However, there are a few items that you should be sure to include in your compost bin, and all of them can be found in and around your home!

Peonies – A Perennial Garden Favorite

Peonies are very easy to grow, come back each year and produce big showy flowers that are perfect for indoor flower arrangements. Unlike the standards from the past, peonies today are available in many more varieties and colors than ever existed before. Information provided will take your peony growing experience from successful to spectacular.

Strawberries – The Overlooked Perennial

Growing strawberries is not difficult once you learn a few vital tips. They are about as easy as growing tomatoes, not that you can’t have problems, but success is almost guaranteed if you follow general guidelines.

Rose Arise – Growing Roses In Your Garden

Let them bloom, let them bloom, let them bloom! When you aspire to create a beautiful rose garden, a fragrant decoration for your outdoor home decor, you will be surprised at the alluring results of your garden. You want the very best, and all you have to do is follow the right tips for the absolutely perfect outcome!

Calm Yourself While Gardening

Depending on the climate and plant there are many different types of soil that can be used, water that is needed and light or shade that is required, all of these factors need to be considered.

Raspberries – A Garden Must

Growing raspberries has now become a must for any garden of mine. They taste great fresh or in desserts and are relatively easy to grow. Fresh raspberries in the grocery stores today cost an arm and a leg – so why not give them a try.

Composting for Beginners – the Science in Perfecting the Art of Composting

Contrary to popular belief, it takes patience and science in perfecting the art of composting. Read on to find out how finding the perfect balance between carbon and nitrogen will give you many successful batches of compost.

10 Planting Tips For Your Garden

Do you want to develop a green thumb? Or maybe just learn how to stop killing the plants you bring home from the garden centre? Here are some quick gardening tips and tricks (in no particular order) to help your plants grow and flourish.

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