Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Flowering Shrubs of Summer

African Daisy – Excellent Bedding Plants For An Arid Climate Garden

African daisy plants are not suitable for every location, and may not be to everyone’s taste. In the right place though, they are an important ingredient in dry and Mediterranean gardens.

Native Plants And Natural Pest Control

Anyone living in or visiting Tacoma is encouraged to visit the Native Plant Garden at Point Defiance Park. There you can see wild plants in action, including some very rare varieties, and get ideas for your own yard.

Moon Planting Is Not Lunacy

Many gardeners plant according to the position of the moon, or the signs of the zodiac, or a combination of both, and claim great success. They also report dismal results from planting on the wrong days. Moon Phase gardeners believe seriously, that if the zodiac sign and the phase of the moon are both favorable for doing a certain thing, there can be no better guarantee of success.

#1 Lawn Care Secret – When To Fertilize Your Yard

There are basically 3 things to consider when fertilizing your grass: type of grass, type of fertilizer, and time of year. The answers to these area will determine when you should fertilize your grass. In all cases, fertilizing your lawn will keep it lush, weed free, and greener than all your neighbors.

Hostas Gardening Should Be In Your Plans

Hostas with their impressive foliage brings form, color and texture to a shady garden. How to plant and care for your hostas. The effortless beauty in your garden are the hostas.

Reasons For Trying Organic Gardening – Don’t Be A Chicken

The way we live our lives on a daily basis is changing rapidly. The way we approach certain things in life is different to approach we may have taken 10 – 15 years ago because of the way we are educated by the television media and news paper media towards certain issues.

Organically Growing Your Fruit And Vegetables This Season

We are now moving into the time of year where it is great fun to be working out in the garden, spending long hot sunny afternoons tidying up the garden, weeding and planting new plants in time for the summer. Gardening is having a bit of a resurgence in popularity over the past few years with more and more of the younger generation having a go at growing plants and designing a garden, partly because of the exposure that gardening has been given by television design programmes and because of acceptance as the garden patio area as an outdoor living space.

Orchids And Water – How Refreshing – For Orchids!

Water – is the drink of choice for any respectable orchid! How clean is clean?

Home Gardening – The Pride, The Joy, The Fun, The Art, The Responsibility

Home gardening has become one of the top leisure activities in the country. Well not just here but across the globe from different cultures and races have come to enjoy and love doing gardening. People have different purposes and goals as to why they indulge themselves into it or there may be no specific concrete reasons at all because they just love doing it since it is their passion or for some their pastime, their hobby, for some a way to earn extra income, for some to grow their own vegetables for cooking, for home improvement or it may …

Fertilizing Lawns

For anybody who wants to have the perfect yard, a key element to keeping that yard looking fresh and pristine is to make sure your grass is healthy. Usually all you have to do to ensure that your grass is healthy is to water it regularly, cut it properly, and perform other simple actions. However, sometimes the soil becomes contaminated, or simply inhospitable to the further growth of grass or plant life in and of itself.

What Bonsai Gardening Is All About

Bonsai is an ancient Japanese art of gardening which a lot of people are unaware of. This article considers some basic tips about Bonsai and how a person who is interested can easily get involved.

Duranta – A Must Landscape Bush For A Mild Winter Garden

If you live in a warm, frost-free climate, you may wish to consider planting the landscape bush, Duranta erecta in your garden. It goes well with a number of other shrubs, and has some characteristics unique to itself.

How I Turned My Garden Into Paradise

Since you can buy just about everything online these days, perhaps, just maybe I could get pots, plants and compost there too? Bingo! Not only did I find ‘practical’ things, but also seemingly infinite choices of color for watering cans, seats and parasols. The bigger joy is that it arrives without any effort or lifting required and without any need to deal with those people who know.

Guide To Container Gardening

If you love to garden, but have a limited amount of space for gardening, don’t worry. Lack of space need not put gardening out of your reach.

Rose Cuttings – The Art Of Cutting And Preparing Them For Propagation

Since the Victorian Era, rose cuttings have been used to propagate roses, and even pioneers who journeyed west to find a new life would use this art as well. They would take along various cuttings from their gardens in the east, putting them in mason jars and carting them across the land until they found the right place to plant.

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