Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Evergreen Trees of Winter

Tips On Replacing Broken Handles On Your Garden Tools

The metal sections of hoes, weed planters, shovels and various other lawn accessories with wooden handles always tend to outlive the handle. A damage handle can typically cause the tool to be useless. Often it will be necessary to replace the defected tool, but this can be annoying if the tool is fairly new. However, using the right technique and tools, it is often possible to simply replace the handle.

Selecting The Perfect Trimmer Or Edger For Your Lawn Care

Apart from the lawn mower, the edger and trimmer is likely to be the tool used almost as much. Not many lawn mowers will be capable of reaching everywhere, since most garden lawns will butt up against a patio, wall, or have several trees on the property. As a result, the only way to maintain the lawn is by using a trimmer of some type.

Drop Spreader Or Broadcast Spreader – Which Is Ideal For My Garden

Spreaders are ideal for putting down fertilizer, weed killer, and many other lawn attention solutions to help maintain your garden or yard. They are available in two different models – drop spreaders or broadcast spreaders; it’s often beneficial to own one of each.

Growing African Violets With Artificial Lights

African violets are glorious indoor blooming plants. They are not hard to take care of, but they do require bright light and the proper care in order to flourish and bloom all year long. African violets grow very well indoors under artificial light.

A Rock Garden Design Is A Practical Solution For A Stubborn Area Of Your Yard

A rock garden design can be a good solution for the stubborn portion of your yard where nothing grows.

Bonsai Gardening Secrets – Part 1

These bonsai gardening secrets will help you to grow your own absolutely amazing bonsai trees with ease, read on to find out more.

Bonsai Tree Care Methods

These bonsai tree care tips and advice will help you to be able to grow your very own stunning bonsai trees with ease.

Caring for African Violets

African Violets need and appreciate good care and attention. How do you keep them looking at their best?

Building Your Garden On A Budget

Have you always imagined what your dream garden will look like? If you’re like me, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. But you can have that gorgeous garden that you have always dreamed of and do it on a budget. You just have to be creative and patient. I’ll show you how.

9 Favorite Herb Garden Tools

If you are thinking about starting a herb garden you need to have the proper tools in order to be successful. Here’s some tips on what tools you need to get started.

Daisy Colorful Flowers

This article talks about daisies and what they are like in different types of temperatures.

How To Naturally Enrich Your Soil By Using Organic Garden Fertilizer

Find out how using organic garden fertilizer can help you grow bigger and better plants the natural way.

Orchids Will Bloom Again

This article tells you about orchids and the kind of things that some orchids like.

Gardeners Garden Tips

We wish we had had the camera handy the other day, to catch a wonderful snap that brought a smile to our faces. At last the rain has stopped and Rusty our dog has been able to get in the garden again to carry out his favorite pastime of chasing the balls up down the garden. The weather has certainly been a bit Jekyll and Hyde just recently with enough rain for a month in the last three to four days. Just when we thought there was no let up, the weather has done a u turn and now we are back in the blazing sun.

Long Term Calla Lilies

This article talks about how to take care of your calla lilies and what will happen during there rest period.

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