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Vegetable Gardening Makes a Comeback!

When I was growing up, in the late 50’s and through the 60’s, everyone had a garden. Our family, like many families then, would work a garden and spend a lot of the summer canning and freezing the bounty of our work.

Keeping a Very Good Organic Soil Recipe

Organic soil recipe management aims at helping soil organisms maintain fertility; conventional (non-organic) soil management merely substitutes a simplified chemical system to provide nutrients to plants. Once a healthy soil ecosystem is disrupted by the excessive use of soluble synthetic fertilizers, restoring it can be a long and Costly process. Organic soil mixes are made up of dead plant matter such as peat and the ingredients are easily available at garden centres and DIY stores.

Natural Fertilizer For Trees

With the organic movement’s rise in popularity, we’ve seen a new approach in taking care of our lawns and gardens. Gone are the days of using chemically-based weed and feed products. What we have is a desire is to take care of our lawns and gardens naturally. The same can also be true of our desire to care for our trees and vineyards.

Dealing With Drought – How to Keep a Green Summer Garden

As drought conditions are getting more and more common across the country, gardens that are more brown than green are becoming an everyday sight. You don’t have to give up your healthy garden to save water, though. More careful, thoughtful planning can make all the difference. This quick guide contains a few of the methods for maintaining your garden in drought conditions.

Why Clay and Hard Soils Need Gypsum

There are many people that are faced with a soil problem that includes hard clay and/or a subsoil that is almost like rock. If this is the case for you then gypsum may be what you are looking for to alter the soil structure.

Growing Conditions of Orchids

Orchids are without doubt very beautiful plants, but they can be challenging to grow. Orchids are found naturally in the wild, normally anchored to trees, so providing the right conditions for your Orchid will help you to produce both Healthy and Beautiful plants. There are many different species of Orchids and there growing conditions will vary from species to species but here is some useful information to help you care for you Orchid correctly.

Orchid Facts & Types Recommended

Orchids are known for there exotic flowers and fascinating growing habit and this makes them a very desirable ornamental plant for enthusiasts. The Orchid family consists of some 750 genera, almost 25,000 species and more than 100,000 hybrids.

Instructions For Growing Your Own Crystal Recipes

Growing crystals recipes are easy to make. Learning chemistry becomes easy and fun when you involve children to make crystals with sugar, salt or alum at home. Rock candy crystals are more popular among children. An interesting feature of crystals is they can be shaped and polished. Nucleation is the process by which a crystal grows.

Planning Your Garden Design

Whether you already have an existing garden or not, it can seem like a daunting task to come up with a design for your garden. You want to have a design that will suit your needs for years to come and will give you lots of enjoyment over the years. To help you out, here is a brief guide that will show you the steps in planning a design for your garden.

The Benefits of Hydroponic Vegetable Gardening Indoors

There are many benefits to hydroponic vegetable gardening indoors. Many people do not realize the things that they can get from doing this type of gardening. One of the top benefits that people can get is fresh fruit and vegetables that are free from pesticides and chemicals. Since you are growing your own garden, you’ll know exactly what goes into your plants and there is no need to get the soil just right and watch for bugs as there is no soil with these systems.

How to Make Your Own Compost to Improve Upon Tomatoes You Grow

Other than deciding which type of tomato you want to grow, one of the most important items in growing the best tasting tomatoes is the use of compost. Compost provides necessary nutrients for the tomato plant. Those nutrients or lack there of affect the taste, size, abundance and overall quality of your tomato crop. Here is a simple basic compost recipe you can make yourself.

Studies on Synthetic Grass Safety

Synthetic grass is the most preferred when compared to real grass these days. As this is largely applied on football fields, playgrounds, day cares, schools and backyards of homes, and the safety becomes the important aspect.

The Risks of Using Chemical and Organic Fertilizers

In recent news the U.S food and drug administration (FDA) is currently searching for the cause of the recent outbreak in tomatoes.Over 165 people have become ill all over the U.S. There are over 1.4 million cases of related food poisoning, in 2006 there were about 600 deaths related to salmonella. Is the way we grow the food affecting our crops? We will take a look at fertilization especially organic fertilizers and show the effected risk and concerns.

Watering Tomato Plants

Water tomato plants when the top 1″ of the soil is dry. Stick your finger into the soil and if it is dry past your first knuckle, water the plants.

Be a Part of the Growing Popularity of Hydroponics Gardening

Many choose indoor growing for their food for health and safety reasons. It seems every day brings a new food scare. Some consumers have made decision to take personal control of what goes into their food. Having your own farm is now made possible by hydroponics no matter what the weather is like where you live. Vegetables and fruits can be harvested year round with indoor gardening which allows you to control exactly which pesticides are used.

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