Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Christmas Plants and Sounds of Water

A Traipse Through the Tulips

Flowering bulbs can change your garden from being merely a plot of dirt and rocks adorned with a few scraggly plants to being an absolute showplace, with splashes of brilliant color. Bulbs provide a good investment in terms of their longevity and hardiness. Your garden will benefit from the vast variety of bloom colors, length of flowering time, and the heights and shapes of flowering bulbs.

The Rubber Tired Backhoe Loader

Ever wonder what the most versatile piece of equipment on the jobsite is? Did you know that this machine was invented and first used over 150 years ago? Read more to find out.

Florida Native Plants – Prickly Pear in My Backyard

One morning, earlier this spring I noticed there was a cactus growing in the woods behind our home. Since I’m not particularly fond of cactuses (my preference is a lot of bold colors year round in the garden, without thorns whenever possible), I didn’t think about it much…

Helpful Tips On Watering Indoor Herb Gardens

Herbs add flavor to any dish whether it is cooked or a salad and when the herbs are used fresh from your indoor garden it is all the more tasty. Placing your indoor herb garden in your kitchen will provide such a wonderful aroma and will turn your cooking into dishes like the gourmet chefs serve.

Benches – A Touch of the Outdoor Park in Your Backyard

The online consumer has a wide selection of outdoor park benches to choose from. Most benches are perfect both for residential or commercial use. There are so many various designs, makes, and styles for outdoor park benches. There are various types of outdoor garden benches available made from all sorts of wood.

Garden Ideas to Entice the Kids

The days are getting longer and the itch to get into the garden and start things is stronger than ever. But what about the kids? Many of us have tried and failed over the years to create gardens with our children that hold their interest and keep them involved. With a little planning it is possible to keep the imagination of the little ones engaged while providing a beautiful garden for you as well.

Avoid Costly Mistakes…Follow This Swimming Pool Maintenance Routine

Making sure that your pool is maintained will not only save you time but also money by preventing breakdowns in your equipment that may need expensive repair work. Remember maintenance is always better than repair.

Garden Tiller – What Type Do You Need

Well it’s that time of year again to start busting up your garden soil and start your planting. How you do that is up to you. If you need the exercise or have a very small garden you could always do it by hand. But there are better ways…

The Value of HID Lights

Learn about the value HID gives to your hydroponic system Gardeners are a resourceful group. No matter in what sort of growing conditions they work, they endeavor to make it succeed. If you live in an apartment, you have only a small amount of space to devote to gardening, whereas a large nursery has much room set aside indoors for the purpose of growing plants. No matter the space available …

Hydroponics Gardening Requires Planning

here are several systems from which you will want to choose. What you finally decide upon will depend on several factors, including the space you can devote to gardening, the lights you will use, how much you wish to invest in the project and how much time you have available to put the system together and to maintain it properly.

Rose Pruning: A Required Skill

Rose pruning is a job that must be done if you want them disease free and thriving

Gardening in Autumn

Gardening in the Autumn (fall) can be tricky, but with proper planning, you can grow great vegetables and flowers all year round.

Patio Umbrella Buying Tips: Fabric Choices

Patio Umbrella Fabric Types: There are many new and exciting fabric options available for Patio Umbrellas on the market today including Plastic, Cotton, Vinyl, Polyester, Olefin and Solution Died Acrylics. The decision you make regarding a specific fabric type will establish the durability and lasting attractiveness of your patio or market umbrella and can affect the cost greatly. Be sure to consider how often you may be using the umbrella as well as whether you are going to store or utilize a protective cover when deciding how much you would like to spend.

The Educational Benefits Of School Greenhouses

When people think of a greenhouse, they usually imagine large greenhouses run by commercial nurseries. But there are greenhouses that are operated by home vegetable growers, hobby gardeners, and there are even school greenhouses. If you haven’t seen one, school greenhouses are a novel way to enhance education. However, the benefits must be weighed against practical concerns. For educators looking to add an alternative to traditional education, there are some benefits to school greenhouses.

Patio Umbrella Buying Tips – Frame Components

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