Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners – Lisa’s Best Winter Groundcovers

Keeping Squirrels Away From Bird Feeders

If you enjoy feeding the birds in your garden then it is likely that you have experienced the problem of squirrels trying to steal the food. Squirrels are great contortionists and can also walk across wire, jump about 1 metre upwards and up to 3 metres across. You will find they are adept at climbing practically any obstacle too.

Planting Grape Vines

If you are thinking of planting grape vines and starting a vineyard, it means a lot of investment in time and money. You not only have to have money and time but you need to know the exact procedure and resources required for planting grape vines.

Make Your Garden the Perfect Rest Area

Are you looking for something special that will add the perfect touch to your porch or garden? Why an outdoor swing might be the ideal choice.

Spruce Up Your Garden With the Right Accessories

You can use a lot of choice accessories, fixtures and garden ornaments in order to present a new look for your garden. You can inject your own design and character using a wide choice of design options for your garden improvement.

Buying Organic Compost

Starting an organic garden without your own compost pile? Follow these guidelines for purchasing quality organic compost.

Lawn Aeration – Give Your Lawn Some Air

Soil that has been broken down by having too much organic material on its surface or has been crushed down cannot properly feed the grass growing in it. We need to remove “Thatch” and “Soil Compaction” to give us a healthy lawn. This is fairly easy to do, if you follow these simple instructions.

Growing Upside Down Tomatoes

These planters need only a little space. Now growing upside down tomatoes needn’t be a backbreaking and a nail biting activity. You won’t have to get yourself all dirty either. It doesn’t require too much space either. If you have even a small patio, balcony, and terrace or even a little bit of space, you can grow upside down tomatoes with an upside down planter. This idea may be too far fetched for you. But look on it practically as many people have done it and it works. What’s more, you get to enjoy up to 30 pounds of tomatoes per plant from these upside down planters.

Choosing Grapevine Cuttings From Your Nursery and How to Keep Them Alive Until They Are Planted

Choosing Grapevine Cuttings from your nursery and how to keep them ALIVE until they are planted. Choosing the correct cuttings is crucial for your grape growing success.

The Second Year of Growing a Grape Vine

Constructing the framework of the vine in the second growing year, is one of the most important aspects of training a grape vine. This will be the permanent structure of the vine from which canes and spurs will be pruned. These canes and spurs will be the fruit bearers for your grape vine. It will also be the area where you will do most of the pruning in the future and from which you will renew the grape vine as well.

Spring Into Action – Build Your Own Organic Garden

Decide where you will plant your garden. Choose a place that gets plenty of sunshine, at least 6-8 hours per day.

Garden Planters – An Easy Way to Spruce Up Your Home!

Sprucing up your home is easy with garden planters. You can create garden magic with just a few pots or planters filled with luscious flowers or plants.

1-Stop Gardening For Beginners

Organic gardening is a worthy endeavor, whether you are looking for a “1-stop gardening for beginners” resource or you are a seasoned gardening pro. Organic gardening is growing plants without chemical fertilizers, naturally building the soil to support healthy plant life. Everyone could have an organic garden of some kind. Even those who live in the middle of NY City have proven this by doing rooftop gardening or container gardening on a balcony. Each of us can produce healthy, nutritious organic food in some capacity and enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Container Gardening – Grow a Garden No Matter Where You Live

Container gardening can be enjoyed by everyone no matter how old you are, no matter how much you know about gardening. Many people enjoy container gardening for the simple ease and convenience of planting gardens in containers or pots. It is ideal when space is limited. Plants are right up close for you to admire as you gaze out of your windows and sit on your deck and patio. Container plantings can soften the hard lines of a patio of deck.

Gardening and the Credit Crunch

As the recession hits gardening companies are beginning to suffer. Garden centers, stores, landscapers, are all reporting a down turn in sales but all is not doom and gloom. The silver lining here is that home owners and families are becoming proactive, and there is a boom in home growing of vegetables and fruits.

The Peaceful World of White Dendrobium Orchids

White dendrobium orchids are one of the most elegant flowers in the orchid kingdom. There are hundreds of white dendrobium orchids alone; but I will discuss a few of the most popular ones and give you some information and how to notice them.

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