Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardeners Lisa – Hot Summer Perennials

Gardening Resources for the Moon Phase Gardener

There are a few essential resource tools for the Moon Phase Gardener that are critical for success. Without them you will be lost.

The Crape Myrtle Tree – How To Prune This Wonderful Ornamental

The Crape Myrtle, Lagerstroemia indica, is one of the most ideal choices for a tree in a small garden, backyard or patio. It is also fairly modest in its water needs and so is particularly suitable for dry and Mediterranean gardens. It has an attractive form, delicate leaf texture and as a deciduous plant, looks good when out of leaf, not least due to its reddish pealing bark.

Birdhouses 101

Birdhouse basics for either purchasing or building a house for your feathered friends that is comfortable, safe, and built to attract birds so you can have full occupancy in all your houses! Discusses two main types of houses and very important do’s and don’ts to help in your birdhouse building decisions.

Banyan Bonsai – A Very Fascinating Tree

The banyan is a very mystical kind of tree in the way that it grows and develops. It looks both reassuring and forbidding at the same time. Many Asian countries have a deep belief that spirits and ghosts reside in banyan trees. When you can apply it’s majestic beauty and turn it into a bonsai, you will truly get an exquisite work of art.

Your First Vegetable Garden – Top 9 Tips

There is no denying that eating fresh vegetables has many great health benefits. However, it can be inconvenient to run to the market every other day or store fresh vegetables in your refrigerator or pantry. A small garden would be a viable answer to this dilemma.

Care of Orchids – Light, Natural Habitat, and Your Windowsill

To make caring for orchids easy, first check the light levels in your home. Then choose species that get that amount of light in their natural habitats.

Chemical Versus Natural Fertilizers

Many people take pleasure in gardening. They put considerable time and energy into creating pleasant environments around their houses using the very simple elements of seeds, a spade, and fertilizer.

Organic Fertilizers In Your Garden

Why should you use organic fertilizers in your garden? Simply because they are good for your plants and good for the environment. Nearly 70 percent of water pollution comes from agricultural areas that use chemical fertilizers, according to the EPA.

Rainwater Tanks – Help Your Garden and the Environment

Australia has been hit with droughts for several years now. Farmers are walking away from their farmland, and city dwellers are experience strict water restrictions. One of the biggest drains on a city’s water supply is for gardening.

The Reluctant Gardening Calendar – February

That is what the Reluctant Gardener actually does in February – make lists. All in all, its best not to trust February to be anything except completely unpredictable.

Potassium – How to Apply This Essential Nutrient To Your Garden Plants

The problems surrounding the application of potassium fertilizer, demonstrate that plant feeding cannot be separated from the health of the soil. In dry climates where soil salinity is increasingly acute, the issue is of particular importance.

Bald Cypress Bonsai

Bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is probably the best tree to start with for a new bonsai gardener. These trees are excellent bonsai material because it is a hardy tree which doesn’t require a lot of attention and is easy to take care for it. These trees grow in USA from Delaware to Texas all the way by Mississippi and in north in state of Missouri.

Water Harvesting In My Hobby Farm

Drought conditions during the past few years have brought home the importance of conservation and the careful application of water on the farm. The restricted availability of town water during dry periods means one has to come up with other solutions regarding water.

Two-Step Seed Starting Method

Starting seeds indoors – If spring weather in your area tends to be cold and wet you may want to get a head start with tender plants such as tomatoes and peppers, by starting them indoors. This two-step method of seed starting protects the seedlings from possible attack by other living organisms and fowl weather until they become established. It will take about two months for the seedlings to mature enough so you can set them outside.

How To Choose A Great Garden Shed

Do you love to work in your garden, but need a place to store those tools and pot those plants? With a garden shed, you don’t have to go back and forth to the basement or garage. You are also more likely to take better care of your tools. Whatever your reasons for wanting a garden shed, here are some tips for choosing the best one for you…

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