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Useful Gardening Tips

A garden is a treasure house of happiness for most owners. One can forget all their work tensions and stress of life by spending quality time in their garden area, but for that you’ll need a garden that’s not only lush green and colorful but a healthy one too. If you are just about to start setting up your garden, however small or big, some of these tips might be mighty handy for you.

Easy Division of Perennials

A lot of perennial plants can be grown by division. This is a lot easier than taking cuttings, and if you have friends, who have large gardens. You can usually get your plants for free, By dividing their plants up. You can get 50 to 100 little plants from one large plant, which means if you have a few friends with biggish gardens, you can stock your whole nursery for free. Also Perennial plants need dividing every two or three years. So you are doing your friends a favour by having all these free plants off them.

Six Steps to Growing Plants From Softwood Cuttings

Step one – Cut off a plants healthy side shoot roughly 3 to 4 inches long, with 3 to 4 pairs of leaves and no flower buds. The cut should be made just below the leaf node (the point where the leaves grow out the stem). Remove the bottom leaves, just leaving 2 leaves on the cutting, this should give you 1 to 1.

Discover The Different Kinds of Orchids

Would you believe there are over 25,000 kinds of orchids? The orchid is one of the oldest flowers – they have been in existence for over 100 million years. The king of the orchids is the cymbidium orchid. This is one of the most popular for growing. These types of orchids grow in South East Asia, China, Japan and Australia.

Growing Delicious Organic Blueberries in Your Home Garden

Tips on growing organic blueberries in your home garden. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh blueberries that were grown in your own garden.

Sage – Successfully Growing Sages in Mediterranean and Other Dry Climate Gardens

Despite the large number of species and their wide geographical range, most Sages require similar growing conditions. Most are suitable for dry climate gardens.

How to Grow Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the number one choice of vegetables to grow in a garden. That’s because they are relatively easy to grow, don’t require that much space and one plant can yield dozens of tomatoes in a season. To grow tomatoes, you can either start them by seed or by buying young plants at your local garden center. Here are some simple instructions for both methods.

5 Tips For Beginner Vegetable Gardeners

Vegetable gardening is back. If you’ve never tried growing your own veggies, here are five tips to get you started.

What’s the “Straight Poop” on Soil Aeration?

Soil aeration is directly related to the porosity, or distance between particles, of the soil. Improving the aeration of your soil may require the simple addition of one of the lowliest substances on this earth.

Different Types of Flower Garden Seeds and How to Plant Them

Most gardeners do not worry about flower garden seeds until the late winter or early spring. In fact there are quite a few types of flower seeds that can be started in the fall when you may not have any gardening to do. Spring annuals, cool loving annuals, some perennials and biennials can all be started in the fall.

Why Composting is Useful For the Environment

Composting is akin to recycling but in the broader sense, recycling includes everything. Whether it is composting or recycling the objective is to provide a conducive environment for our future generations. Earth is getting depleted and if we don’t do our part to preserve virtually the only habitable place that we know of, then will it rankle us if all we left behind is one lump of uninhabitable planet.

9 Tips For Saving Money in the Garden

People are looking into all areas of their lives to save money and gardening is no exception. Here are 9 ways to keep a little more money in your wallet.

Vanda Orchids – A Popular Orchid

Vanda orchids are a hardy and fairly easy to look after plant. They love sunlight and give off a wonderful fragrance. Here you can learn some of the the basics for caring for Orchid known as the Vanda.

Sprouting Your Own Wheat Berries

Sprouting wheat unlocks a lot of additional nutrition from wheat. Sprouting your own wheat from home is a simple process that just takes a couple days.

How to Build a Hydroponic Garden – Step by Step Instructions to Building a Hydroponic Garden

Are you interested in building a hydroponic garden? This article outlines the very steps needed to build your very own hydroponic garden at home.

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