Behind the Scenes with the Mountain Gardener- Rare and Exotic Houseplant arrive at the Garden Center

Growing Japanese Maples

Caring for Japanese maples is surprisingly easy, whether in the ground or in containers and growing them is simple and straightforward. Follow the rules and your maple will thrive; numerous examples in cultivation are now well over a century old and still as vigorous as when they were first planted.

Pruning in the Autumn – What You Should and Should Not Do

To get the best out of your plants in the fall, it is often necessary to carry out some pruning. There are some traps and hidden dangers though. This article will help you avoid them.

Planning Your Herb Garden Layout

Thankfully, planning the layout of your herb garden is not rocket science nor does it have to be like any of the magnificent garden of the world like Kew Gardens in England or the Longwood gardens in Pennsylvania. These gardens are artificial in nature and require the skill of professional horticulturists to grow and maintain them. Your herb garden layout is much simpler and will not require anywhere near as much work.

A Basic Herb Garden Can Supply Most Of your Kitchen Needs

No matter where you live in the world most cultures like to use herbs in their cooking to provide the flavours and aroma that we have all come to love. With the enormous spread in popularity of Gourmet Cooking shows on television we are encouraged to expand our culinary tastes to include dishes from all over the world . As most professional chefs prefer to use fresh herbs in their cooking why should we not follow in their steps and grow our own basic garden at home.

The Living Art of Bonsai Gardening Plants

Art isn’t just a painting or sculpture. Art can be living, like the wonderful world of bonsai gardening plants.

Information on Ghost Orchid Flowers

The Ghost orchid flowers are on the verge of extinction. Therefore, it is against the law of both the central as well as the state, for eliminating or repositioning of these endangered species of the orchid family. Basically, these flowers are observed on the plants in hardwood hills, marshy areas, and at the pitches of cypress.

Growing Cactus at Home

Growing cactus indoors is a relatively simple process. Although, most of the cactus plants tolerate neglect, they thrive properly when given good care. These plants are mostly adapted to dry conditions. Most of the cacti varieties differ tremendously in shape, size, color and flowering habits.

Keeping Your Lawn Green With The Right Watering Equipment

Keeping your lawn green can be an easy task if you have the proper watering equipment. Without the right equipment, you are only making it difficult on yourself.

Flower Arranging for the Beginner With Tips From the Pros

What can more special than creating your own flower arrangement for an upcoming holiday or birthday? You will make the gift special and impress your friends and loved ones. The idea may be overwhelming.

Taking Care of Cut Flowers at Home

Have you received a beautiful arrangement of cut flowers only for them to wither and die? In this article, you will learn how to preserve and prolong the life of some of the most common varieties of cut flowers.

How To Find Orchid Plants For Sale

The orchid plants for sale needs to purchased by an individual as soon as possible, as it will be fresh and fine deal with flowers that will survive for several weeks. The orchids up for sale needs to be thoroughly evaluated by the buyer, as the plant may appear vigorous and fine at the time of purchasing it, but if circumstances are not proper afterwards, then the buds are likely to shrink with yellow coloration. An individual needs to avert such orchid species up for sale.

Don’t Let Winter Wreak Havoc on Your Lawn and Garden Items

As autumn settles in, the winds are picking up and a chill is settling in the air. While your body may be able to withstand the harsh elements, chances are your lawn and garden items cannot.

Garden – Garden Tips 9

Another hectic week, with everyone wanting everything done yesterday. To give you an insight what our week has been like it goes a bit like this…

What Materials are Used in Building A Greenhouse?

The size and shape of a greenhouse can vary greatly, but many of the materials used to build them, remains basically the same. If you are attempting to build a greenhouse on your property, there are a few building materials you will need to get to successfully pull off the project.

Gerbera Daisies Purify Indoor Air

Many people underestimate the benefits of having plants in their home. Not only to they provide oxygen for you to breath while removing the carbon dioxide you exhale, but beautiful plants like the gerbera daisy actually purify many toxins and chemical pollutants from the air.

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