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Planning An Herb Garden With Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs and Aromatic Herbs

Planning an herb garden is a most rewarding hobby. Plant culinary herbs, aromatic herbs and medicinal herbs in your herbal garden and become an instant kitchen gardener.

Reasons to Wear Gloves When Gardening

Many individuals would rather wear nothing on their hands when performing simple gardening activities. Of course this is fine if these activities are just that – simple. Watering plants in your garden could surely be considered one of these activities and most people would agree that gloves are unnecessary for such a task. However if an individual is heavily into gardening and is much more hands-on than simply watering, gloves may become an essential.

Patio Ideas For Your Life And Your Lifestyle

There are of course many different patio ideas for homeowners to choose from, and not every patio will be the right choice for every homeowner. After all, part of the beauty of a well designed patio is the fact that it is a personal reflection of the taste, style, creativity and originality of the man or woman who installs it.

Essentials in Home Garden Design

Working on your own garden is more fun and more practical instead of hiring landscape artists and gardeners to give your yard a new and inviting look. All you need are some creativity and great love for gardening.

Patio Gazebo – Living it Up Outside

Thinking of entertaining in the backyard. The patio gazebo can be a quick and easy way to turn your patio into a beautiful space for gathering with your friends and family.

Cat-proof Garden Fence

Cats are pretty engrossed in exploring places. They are active, playful and sometimes destructive little creatures. This is the very reason why cats are oftentimes a problem in keeping a safe and organized house. To preclude cats from spoiling homes, they are given a place outside. There, they can play around, chase other cats and enjoy an outdoor life.

Add Edging Around Your Garden For A Beautiful Finish

Garden edging will finish and complete the picture of your landscape or garden. It frames the garden, and just like pictures inserted into picture frames, it enhances its appearance.

Create Your Own Indoor Garden Fountain

Being one of the bestselling items, garden fountains can typically be found in every home. Not only are they designed to be placed outdoors, but they also make as fine indoor decorations. Thus, this fact makes it appear that there are some sorts of garden fountains which are commonly owned by a lot of homeowners.

Immortalizing Bronze as Your Garden Decor

Bronze garden decor such as fountains and other adornments are great (and more commonly used) as effective focal points. We find them greeting us often whenever we visit a garden or they stand at corners to display emotions.

Butterfly Feeders

Butterfly feeders are a great way to attract butterflies to your beautiful garden. By adding a simply butterfly feeder, your garden will have more life, more color and more butterflies!

Woodpecker Bird Feeders

Woodpecker bird feeders are a great way to attract woodpeckers to your yard.

Homemade Weed Killer

Creating a homemade weed killer can be done with 3 easy ingredients.

Lawn Fertilizer, What Does The Soil Need?

So true with beginners, the subject of lawn fertilizer seems simple enough. After all, it can’t be that hard to periodically sprinkling fertilizer over your lawn and then water it so it can penetrate into the underlying soil.

Garden – Sunflower Spacing

Every plant needs plenty of room to grow, sunflowers especially. If their seeds are planted too close together, they won’t reach their full potential. Their heads will be smaller.

Planting Guide for Hydrangea

Hydrangea planting guide from the Carroll Gardens website.

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