Banning gardens in front yards won’t strengthen Galesburg’s glimpse

Editor, Sign-up-Mail: At the Monday, March 7, town council assembly (to be held in Galesburg Town Hall at 5:30 .m.), the council will consider a last vote on Merchandise 22-1003 Household Gardens. As said in the packet for the meeting, that “amendment to the ordinance will prohibit residential gardens from being in the required front lawn.” This is a horrible thought on so several levels.

Gardens, whether or not flower gardens, vegetable gardens, or a mixture of both equally, add to the natural beauty of Galesburg. While I would by no means deny the ideal of a house owner to leave his or her front property with practically nothing but a thin layer of non-indigenous grass, and a pair of bushes cut into cube designs, such yards rarely contribute to the aesthetic charm of Galesburg.

In distinction, my side garden (working along the side of the house which is the only spot on my ton with important sunshine) characteristics some type of flowering plant from March by means of November. Many of the plants are natives which provide to deliver meals for pollinators and birds. I am carrying out what I can to contribute to the natural beauty of Galesburg, and to assist to heal our terribly harmed environment. I do not use poison in my backyard garden, which regrettably is not the circumstance for many who pay lawn products and services to spray poison on their lawns.

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