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Vegetable Garden Tips You May Never Have Thought Of

Are you finding your vegetable garden is feeding the wildlife more than you? Do you want more realistic solutions other than a scarecrow? Read on for some great vegetable gardening tips.

Not Sure About That Bald Cypress Bonsai – Is it Jekyll Or Hyde?

If your are new to the art of bonsai, then the bald cypress is for you. This tree is a popular one for beginners because it is so simple to grow. Yet, with it’s knobby knees and light foliage, it can be trained into a true work of art with little effort. In nature, these trees can live for 1,000 years.

The Biological Role of Earthworms in Soil Fertility – Worm Composting

The Biological Role of Earthworms in Soil Fertility which is Worm Composting, is a wonderful way of giving back to nature. A family’s everyday garbage has a considerable percentage of organic waste in it to be thrown out, worms can cut down on your garbage by eating the organic wastes in your trash. In this article we will discuss some classifications of worms that are best suited for worm composting.

Thrifty Retirement – A Kitchen Garden

There are so many ways to save money on food in retirement; I hardly know where to begin! I suppose the least expensive way to eat is to grow and cook your own food. It’s also one of the healthiest habits to acquire and one of the best ways to spend your time as you retire on the cheap.

Plant Salad Greens Now For Winter Harvest

It’s August and time to plant the garden! Now? Yes, start growing greens now for a salad in January. Can’t be done you say? It does take a little work, but you can easily raise salad greens to harvest during the coldest and snowiest days of the year – if you start NOW! This is a summary of what I have learned.

Top Three Herb Garden Plants

Here are my top three herb garden plants. That is, if you’re primarily gardening for culinary herbs. With this list in hand on your first trip to the nursery, you’re bound to have success in finding what not only works in your yard but choices that will mesh well with your taste buds.

How to Think Organic in the Garden

I’ve never been much of a fan of pesticides, herbicides and all those other “-icides” that make plants disease – and pest-free. I suppose part of the abstinence from chemical sprays is due to ignorance; I didn’t know too much and never encountered any problems big enough to warrant chemical intervention.

Fix Problems in Your Herb Garden

Like all gardens, herb gardens encounter problems. You will know that you are facing a problem in your herb garden when you see your herb plants becoming sickly. Herb plants exhibit signs of wilting, leaf discoloring, or strange curling or holes in the leaves. Leaves falling off rapidly can also be alarming, assuming it’s the middle of spring or summer and herb has not yet flowered. If you see any of these signs in your herb garden, you probably have a problem.

How Functional is Your Garden Furniture?

If you thought buying the right garden furniture is as simple as popping down to the shops and picking out what you like, think again! According to the experts, it’s essential to include an element of strategic planning.

Easy Square Foot Gardening

Raise your own vegetables the square foot way. Why square foot gardening can be easy enough even for people with arthritis or back pain.

10 Great Gardening Ideas

If you’ve decided to redesign your garden, then perhaps you’re looking for gardening ideas to help you get the garden you want. Here are 10 ideas to get you thinking.

Don’t Forget to Water the Toads!

OK, you’ve got your green garden lookin’ good, chemicals and poisonous sprays gotten rid of, a creative little green gardening toad house nestled amid the shady greens, and the season is well on its way. Only one problem, where’s the toad? This guy is needed to provide natural pest control, but seems he’s AWOL from duty. Why?

Protecting Your Vegetable Garden Plants

Once the garden has been planted, one of the things you need to concern yourself with is protecting those plants while they grow, until they mature. Insects, disease and the elements can all put your plants at risk.

Transplanting – Placing Your Vegetable Seedlings in the Garden

A little while, perhaps a few hours, before you are planning to move your vegetable seedlings into your outdoor garden plot, make sure you water them well, letting the water thoroughly soak the plants and their roots. This will help to prevent the plant from wilting in the sun.

Herb Garden Kits

How to look for a herb garden kit. What you need to know on placement and lighting. Also where to look for good kits.

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