Autumn Colors Best Enjoyed at Home

4 Weeks to a New Garden

Starting a garden might seem like a daunting task, but tackling the work over several weekends makes the work load lighter. Here’s a week-by-week plan that even novice gardeners can follow:

Six Tips For Garden Journaling

No matter what your level of expertise in the garden is, a garden journal can be a great asset. Keep a garden journal for your vegetable or flower gardens by using these six tips for garden journaling.

Proper Watering Saves Money

Proper watering will not only give you healthier plants, but lower energy bills and conserve water. So here are the basic watering rules. Water for longer periods with a slower flow (water seeps in deeper) and less frequently. But you didn’t think it would be that simple did you?

A Gardening Surprise

Find out what happens when a neighborhood gardener goes on vacation for three weeks only to come home to an unidentified animal on her back door steps with a note attached? Who put the unknown animal in the hot humid July sun to to await her arrival?

5 Secrets To Growing The “Best Roses” On The Block

If you cultivate roses, you understand the basics. The need for sunlight and a rich, well drained soil, together with careful tending and a healthy, organic rose bed management program. But what promotes the ordinary to the spectacular? How do we turn heads and make our roses the “best on the block”?

Roses In America

North America is home to a world of roses. The U.S. has a long history of rose cultivation.

Grow Grapes

Do you want to learn how to grow grapes? It can be a rewarding experience and a whole lot of fun! If you want to grow grapes, there are a couple of important issues that we need to discuss today. The issues that I am referring too are the proper soil and temperature for growing grapes.

7 Tips To A Successful Garden

A beautiful garden is one of the most sort after additions to any home. A beautiful garden takes many hours of dedication and hard work but can be achieved by not only gardening experts but beginners as well. One of the most important gardening tips for any avid gardener is to have good gardening advice. Below are some basic gardening tips to get you started on creating your dream garden.

How to Grow Grapes

Maybe you are one of the many people from around the world who want to know how to grow grapes. If this is the case then this article is going to share some information and resources that will make your desire a reality.

Things to Know Before Starting a Bonsai Hobby

Bonsai Growing has become a very popular hobby. Knowing how to start off any new hobby requires some knowledge and guides in order to avoid common problems that may happen, Bonsai gardening is no exception. In order to be successful with starting any new hobbies such as growing bonsai trees, it is quite important to know what you need to start off and what problems you are likely to run into along the way. A beginners guide is the best way to start and with this starting your new bonsai growing hobby will not be as painful as it sometimes is.

Perennials Need a Good Start in the Garden

Unlike annuals, perennials provide permanence in the garden. If you give them a good start they can stay with you for years! Here are few suggestions for starting perennials.

What You Should Know About A Garden Hose Container

If you are tired of seeing your garden hose laying around or wrapped around a reel, consider getting yourself a garden hose container. Not sure of what these containers are all about? Let’s take a quick look at how they can make storing your garden hose a snap.

White Rose Garden – Planting and Maintenance of Your White Rose Garden

White roses are loved for their beauty and fragrance. They are cultivated for a variety of landscape effects or for cutting. Following are tips on planting and maintenance of your white rose garden whether you’re a novice or an experienced rose gardener.

Pruning Grapes

You can use the following information for pruning grapes. This will serve as a practical guide and be the best resource for you regarding this topic.

Hummingbird Migration – Become A Participant Not Just A Spectator

Creating a yard or garden that is attractive to hummingbirds is one very good way to enjoy hummingbird migration, but nothing compares to the thrill of actually getting up-close and personal with these amazing little creatures.

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