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How to Grow Watermelons

One of the fruits that we love to eat during summer are watermelons. These seasonal fruits grow only in areas where there are warm temperatures. If you think your garden has the ideal conditions for watermelon planting, follow the correct steps in growing watermelons.

How to Grow Tomatoes

Homes all over the world find a number of uses for tomatoes in their kitchens. Tomatoes even became more popular upon the discovery of its antioxidant benefits. The use of tomatoes for home cooking is made even better if you use fresh homegrown tomatoes from your garden.

The Secret Techniques of Bonsai Plant Care

Careful bonsai plant care involves proper watering. More bonsai trees die as a result of neglectful watering or lack of watering than any other cause. Learn how to water bonsai, and where to place them for the best results by reading this article.

Bonsai Styles – Essential Tips

Many different varieties of trees can be used for bonsai styles. Some excellent varieties are discussed here.

Bonsai Style, Cultivation and Training

Bald cypress {Taxodium disti-chum) is a deciduous tree inhabiting swamps along the larger rivers in the southern part of the United States. This can be trained into a great bonsai style. Miniature bonsai, called Mame, are also a delight to cultivate. Read about both these types of bonsai in this article.

Kinetic Wind Sculptures Dance With the Wind

Kinetic Wind Sculptures dance with the wind in exciting and creative ways. Powered by nature they spin and twirl, glide and soar. Some are feats of engineering genius that capture the imagination as they move through the air.

Wonderful Whimsical Metal Garden Art

Walking through a garden, small or large, one may stumble upon a strategically placed piece of metal garden art. Puzzled at first, we are drawn closer to observe and to our surprise we discover that those are not ducks in the pond but bronze feet appearing to walk across the water!

Rose Tree Garden

Rose trees once graced royal courts and mansions of wealthy land owners for centuries in Europe with their subtle perfume and beautiful forms. Rose trees will give your garden an up-scale look that few other plants can match.

Organic Farming is the Way to Go

There are many benefits to going organic. Here are just a few of the things that people who are organic living love about their lives.

Different Oriental Garden Options

Opting for an oriental garden is already a great decision. But it is not the final decision for your landscaping project. Another question that one could ask is what type of Oriental garden do I want. The Chinese and the Japanese have different style of garden, and some less known countries in Asia also have their own style in Oriental garden landscape. One solution is to take a few ideas of each and melt it into one project you will love. Learn more about the differences between Oriental garden styles.

What Kind of Bonsai Tree is Best For Beginners?

It is kind of funny to me that when I mention the word bonsai to some people, the first thing they ask is if I mean the little tree that Mr. Miyagi had in the movie ‘Karate Kid.’ Yes indeed, Miyagi was fond of his bonsai tree, even teaching the art to Daniel-son. Well, I’m not here to talk about Karate Kid today, but rather what you should do if you are thinking about taking up a bonsai hobby.

Woodworking Garden Plans to Download

Building your own garden boxes can be fulfilling and rewarding with minimal effort on your part. Mastering your building skills is even easier now with downloadable woodworking garden plans. You may find plans online for gardening planters, waist high raised gardening beds, plus many other excellent ideas.

Garden With Ease With a Waist High Gardening Box

Gardening is an enjoyable, healthy hobby for all, especially those who love the feel of the sunshine on their faces, the rich black soil in their hands and the wafting scent of growing plants and flowers. Their fragrance is heady, intoxicating, and irresistible. If you grow produce, the fruits of your labors bring many rewards along with the knowledge you are giving your family the freshest, safest, and nutritionally dense produce available.

Growing Herbs in Planters – Is it Worth the Trouble?

Here’s the thing – growing herbs in planters is easy. Herbs are just about the easiest plants to grow (next to weeds :>) and with a little bit of care, you’ll continue to reap (no pun intended) the benefits of them for years!

How to Remove Moles From a Garden Without Harming the Mole

We all know that moles can be such pests with those enormous mole hills they leave behind and the flowers they kill by eating their roots. Even one mole is enough to seriously devastate a garden but we have to remember that they are only acting as nature intended by finding themselves food and building a home.

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