April is coming! Time to fertilize

Over-fertilizing can do more harm than good, so read instructions carefully.

April is right around the corner. It is time to fertilize lawns, vegetation, and trees. When this wintertime experienced a number of heat intervals, some winters are very chilly, and this fertilization allows plants get well from any cold injury done in the winter months. In fact, the near freezing temperatures we observed quite a few months in the past have caused a ton of yellow and dropped leaves on hibiscus, gardenia, bougainvillea and a lot of a lot more.

Spring fertilizer will assist the recovery. Fertilizing when it is chilly can result in the fertilizer to leach by way of the soil alternatively than be absorbed by chilly, dormant vegetation. With any luck , the chilly is guiding us and you can now apply the spring fertilizer.

It will be critical for your vegetation to be powerful and healthy going into a different complicated period, the dry months of spring. There will be a quick window before these dry months actually get maintain so don=t delay as plants and lawns will need this nutrient boost. Recall, healthier, perfectly fed vegetation can endure stresses these types of as the severe cold or forthcoming dry temperature superior than underfed harmful crops.

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When paying for your fertilizer, it is crucial to fully grasp the fertilizer label on the bag. A 16-2-8 assessment on a 100-pound bag signifies it is made up of 16 lbs. of nitrogen, 2 lbs. of readily available phosphoric acid, and 8 lbs. of soluble potash. The first selection is normally nitrogen, the second phosphorus, and the third, potassium. In addition to these 3 key nutrition any secondary nutrition, or micro-vitamins, are reported at the bottom of the label. Micro-nutrient wants can vary for crops thus labels for palm, citrus, etcetera.

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