April Companion Plants – California Poppy

Planting Tips For Asparagus and Beans

Asparagus and beans can prove to be a challenge for some gardeners unless they have had some experience growing these vegetables. Knowing the correct plant spacing, the right row spacing, and also the exact seed planting depth can make all the difference when it comes to growing healthy plants.

Growing Container Vegetables

Do you have a green thumb but no land to grow vegetables? Give container gardening a try and you may be surprised at the fresh vegetables that you can soon be growing.

Growing Fruit in Greenhouses

It is fun to imagine all the wonderful things you can grow in greenhouses. Did you know that you can successfully grow fruit in your greenhouse? You can even grow melons, grapes, peaches, lemons, nectarines, and citrus fruits in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Gardening Tips

Gardening in a greenhouse may seem like a real challenge but with a little bit of knowledge and some greenhouse gardening tips anyone can successfully garden using a greenhouse. If you have a level area of ground, Low-traffic area, and a maximum amount of winter sunlight available you could be well on your way to having a greenhouse of your own.

Companion Gardening For That Showcase Look

If you have always desired that “showcase quality garden”, then you will want to consider the possibilities of companion plants. Companion plants balance out each other with contrasts and complements that work on all levels of your gardening experience. There are several categories of companion gardening.

Trees, Shrubs and Lawns – Oh My!

There are many things for a gardener to do after the last vegetable or fruit has been picked. Trees, shrubs and lawns require constant care.

Autumn Gardening – A Time For Getting Dirty

Autumn Gardening is all about gathering the promise of springtime and preparing for the garden yet to come. Gardening can be a dirty business that bears much beauty and fruit.

Co-Creating With Nature

Living in northwest Montana where we have had a particularly long and snowy winter, this spring and summer is a true blessing. The bushes, trees, and flowers are out of the ordinary after the dreary winter and the flowers that bloom are brightening my life. As we shift our intention from dominating, or at least directing nature, to co-creating with nature instead, we discover a deep peace and renewed sense of wonder.

Organic Seed – How to Save Money by Starting Your Own Seeded Plants

Discover money saving techniques that allow you to start your own seeds. Includes: The Best Containers To Use When Starting Seeds, How To Start New Seeds Indoors, The Best Way To Grow Seeds Outside, and more!

How to Design a Vegetable Garden That Benefits Your Environment

Discover how to plan and design a beautiful garden that not only benefits your family but also helps your local environment. Includes: 4 Crucial Things You Must Know About Garden Design, Exactly Which Plants Support Your Local Environment, How To Provide Birds With a Safe Sanctuary, and more!

Companion Gardening – How to Transform Your Garden Into an Award Winning Showcase

You know those beautiful gardens that win awards on TV? It’s a little known gardening fact that companion planting is actually the key behind them! You see, planting specific types of plants near each other doesn’t just give you the ability to balance out your garden colors and contrasts – but your plants literally end up benefiting one another and becoming healthier than they normally would!

Best Tips For Fertilizing Landscape Trees and Shrubs Part 2

Sustainment programs should be prepared for trees and shrubs on your landscape. A dependable sustainment plan includes checking and containing insect and disease problems, restraining weed competition, and doing timely applications of water, mulch, and fertilizer.

Best Tips For Fertilizing Landscape Trees and Shrubs Part 1

Maintenance plans should be produced for trees and shrubs in your landscape. A effective care program includes monitoring and keeping insect and disease problems in line along with restraining weed competition, and giving well timed applications of water, mulch, and fertilizer.

Why We Should Take Pride in Uk Flowers

This article discusses reasons why we should pride in UK flowers. A modern approach florists use to capture these charming traditional UK flowers include designs which utilize the dexterity of freesias by displaying them in contemporary vases with chunky bases which offers an interesting contrast which compliments modern homes.

Top Heirloom Gardening Choices

People grow heirloom vegetables for a single reason – they taste great. It is not right that heirlooms are prone to problems and difficult to grow.

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