Ant Killer Maggies

Bamboo Wind Chimes Can Provide A Soothing Natural Feel And Sound

Discover all the ways you can enjoy the soothing sounds of bamboo wind chimes.

Basking In The Backyard Heat With Gazebo Bird Feeders

Bird feeders come in many designs, learn about putting a feeder that looks like a gazebo in your yard and how to best attract birds to it.

Welcoming Home the Farm Next Door: Small Farms are Returning Across the Land

When the harvest moon rises in the sky, the faint memory of a nation of local farms celebrating another season of abundance lingers in the air. But soon it may be more than just a vision of long ago. More often now, if we turn the corner, the farm is real.

3 Tips For Simple Gardening – Conditioning Your Soil

To start a garden in soil or containers there are just 3 things to do to get you started. Once these are achieved your garden will grow wonderfully and produce the quality of fruits and vegetables you see in stores.

They Really Are More than Just Lawn Mowers

Everyone should now be aware that there are two main types of lawnmower that one can use for the purpose of normal yard work. These two types are cylinder and rotary. There are other types of mower, such as flails, but are used mostly for the heavier jobs.

Outdoor Digital Thermometers: They Read Incredibly Accurate Temperatures

A high quality outdoor digital thermometer is a great idea for anytime of year. An outdoor digital thermometer can be decorative or plain, and there are several kinds of outdoor digital thermometers to choose from on the internet. So perhaps you should consider an outdoor digital thermometer today!

Little Known Ways to Successfully Setup Your Finch Bird Feeders

Learn how to properly hang and place your finch bird feeder in order to attract the maximum amount of the entertaining little birds.

The Beauty of a Japanese Garden

Have you ever seen a Japanese Garden before? The first thing that would probably come into your mind when you hear about these gardens are bonsai trees. This Japanese art of making miniature trees has recently become popular. You might also associate these gardens with the art of Zen.

Callicarpa dichotoma ‘Early Amethyst’

One of our favorite plants for fall interest is the Callicarpa. What puts these hardy deciduous shrubs at the top of our list is the profusion of lavender purple berries that are borne in autumn, adding distinctive color to the garden. Callicarpa is actually Greek for beautiful fruit, and these shrubs are commonly called Beauty Berries. This week we are featuring the Callicarpa with the showiest fruit display, ‘Early Amethyst.’

Eco-Growing Newly Discovered Fruits, Herbs & Vegetables for Fun or Profit

Did you know there’s an exotic melon with flesh like lime gelatin dessert (only better)? Have you ever heard of the taradi vine with its edible tubers? How about the delicious Shopova fruit?

The Best of the Yellow-Blooming Magnolias

For about 50 years researchers have been crossing two really good magnolias – the Cucumber Magnolia and the Yulan Magnolia – in an attempt to develop a yellow – blooming magnolia. This is the product of that work.

Holly ‘Red Beauty’

Dr. Orton set out to develop a new compact growing holly that could withstand east coast conditions, be low-maintenance, have a nice pyramid shape and have dense, dark green foliage with bright red berries. This does not sound like an easy task – and it wasn’t! It took Dr. Orton 22 years of hybridizing and thorough testing to develop a holly that was everything he wanted. This week we are please to feature the holly that Dr. Orton developed.

‘Double Fantasy’ Christmas Rose

Through the years a variety of plants have come to be called “Christmas Rose” – they are all steeped in a legend that dates back centuries. Most frequently, the plant Americans associate with the Christmas Rose legend is the hellebore.

Daydreams Of A Would Be Gardener

This article covers some of the different types of garden you may consider when planning your perfect outdoor space. What type of garden to choose and the kind of flowers and plants you may decide to fill it with.

Staghorn Sumac “Tiger Eyes”

This Medium-sized shrub provides brilliant color with an oriental feel with a wildly refined with its colors over a season starting green, turning a bright yellow, and fading to scarlet.

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