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Garden Design – Planting Under a Magnificent Tree

Throwing flowers around a magnificent old tree is not usually the best way to give it the dignity it deserves. Here are some ideas to enhance the splendor of the tree.

How To Create A Perfume Packed Garden That Will Smell Fabulous This Year

When we choose plants at the garden centre, it’s usually because we attracted to their eye-catching foliage or boldly-coloured flowers, However, the showiest of plants are often disappointingly scent-free, which means you end up with a garden that may looks bright and gorgeous, but doesn’t satisfy your sense of smell. Buying fragrant plants for borders and containers will create a satisfyingly sensuous plot. And it won’t just be popular with you – bees and butterflies will love scented plants, too.

Indian Noni (Morinda Citrifolia L) – The Wonder Plant

Morinda citrifolia, the Indian Mulberry or Indian Noni commonly known as great Morinda is a shrub or small tree in the family of Rubiaceae which usually grow up to a height of 6 m or more and the stem grows upto 13 cm or more in diameter at maturity. It is native to Southeast Asia and South Pacific and now has a pan-tropical distribution. The plant beans flower and fruit throughout the year.

Gas String Trimmer – Choosing The Right One For You

There are an array of choices when it comes to gas string trimmers. It really comes down to your circumstances. Someone who runs their trimmer eight hours a day nonstop is going to want and need something a lot different than someone who uses it for 15 minutes once a week.

Exotic Flowers of Hawaii – Order Them By Name

Flowers such as orchids and anthuriums are frequently included in Hawaiian floral arrangements and gardens, but none of these are native Hawaiian blooms. This article explores the yellow hibiscus and other official blooms of the Hawaiian islands.

Planning Container Projects

Imagination is the only limit to what you can do to create the perfect container garden that suits your desires and location. However, there are several suggestions that can be made to get you started. Always keep in mind when planning arrangements that any clusters of flowers or plants that you place in a single container need the same sunlight, shade or watering requirements. This will make life easier on both you and your plants.

Plant A Hedge Or Build A Fence?

In a world of increased industrial activity and an overabundance of “manufactured” beauty, people are becoming more and more interested in the natural world. It is only natural then, that when considering how to divide their property from others; consumers are skipping past the chain link fencing and going directly to the garden center. The idea of using trees and shrubs as enclosures or to mark off space is not a new one.

Soil Testing – A Necessary Task Before Planting A New Garden Or Border

If you’re planning to spend a lot of money setting up a new garden, or re-planting a run-down border, you may wish to consider hiring a reputable company to conduct a far-reaching soil test. It might make the difference between success and failure.

Growing Healthy Tomatoes – Pruning and Staking Techniques

Beautiful, gigantic, and perfect tomatoes do not grow by themselves! While tomatoes originated in the wild, centuries of cultivation have produced countless varieties, each needing their own special care. Some varieties of tomatoes grow in compact bushy forms, while others grow and grow, like vines, continually setting fruit.

Homage to Hostas

Hostas are sometimes thought of as just giving a sea of dull green leaves. Although it is quite possible to create such a situation it is certainly not necessary. The range of leave shapes and colours is considerably diverse, flowers vary from white to deep purple, and plant sizes from the minute to the enormous. Search out varieties you’ve never seen before. You’ll be surprised.

Indoor Fruit Trees – 5 Keys to Keep Your Tree Healthy and Vibrant

Are you considering adding an indoor fruit tree to your home? If so, you’ll be very pleased with their low maintenance requirements, but there are a few rules of thumb to follow. Here’s five tips to make sure your indoor citrus tree is vibrant, healthy, and productive…

Planting Container Plants Outdoors

Outdoor plants are great for patios, porches, decks and rooftop container gardens. Lined up on stairs or balanced on railings, outdoor plants can offer both a wide variety of color most of the year. Whether potted in urns, baskets, and barrels or on top of pedestals, a large number of outdoor plants provide different backgrounds, textures and arrangement possibilities throughout the year, according to blooming season.

Planting Container Plants Indoors

Adequate sunlight for each particular plant must be considered when planting anything indoors. Some plants like direct sunlight, while others prefer indirect sunlight. It doesn’t matter whether your plants are sitting on a table, windowsill or an end table, their needs for sunlight will vary between low, medium and high light source requirements.

Fuchsias In Great Variety

The fuchsia is an extremely popular plant with gardeners – for the garden border, in the greenhouse and indoors. One big attraction for many people is the sheer variety of form and colour. This article looks at many of the ways in which fuchsia plants and flowers differ from one another so greatly as to make growing them a fascinating hobby.

Light Requirements For The Home Garden

Light affects plant life in many ways. The scientific name for the process by which green plants use light energy to synthesize carbohydrates (foods) from carbon dioxide and water is “photosynthesis,” from the Greek words photos, meaning light, and synthesis, meaning putting together.

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