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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflowers belong to the species helianthus annuus. It is a beautiful flower used for house decoration and is often used in floral arrangements. It is one of the most popular flowers that are cultivated on a large scale, predominantly for commercial purposes. The seeds of the sunflower plants are very valuable and are used in the production of oil, butter and are also eaten as a snack. The seeds were originally cultivated in Mexico and Peru. Americans have also been using them for more than 5,000 years. They are more desirable as a healthy snack than as part of a meal. However, there are many dishes wherein they can be used as garnishes or even as a basic ingredient.

Garden Seeds

People cultivate trees or plants to bear fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. It is one of the favorable sources of income, as well as a hobby pursued by a number of people. There has to be meticulous preparation for growing different types of plantations. Many people love to grow different plants in their gardens for self-use or for commercial purposes, and this is done on a large scale. First and foremost, they have to get seasonal garden seeds and prepare the soil for sowing. They need to plan suitable vegetation for their kitchen garden or a big scale commercial production.

Indoor Orchids

Orchids are amongst the largest flowering plant families in the world. They are rare and exotic, steeped in myth and romance, and have been the symbols of pure, undying love. There are about 17000 original species of them and many more manmade hybrids.

Olive Trees

Olive trees are found in the Mediterranean region, several parts of Africa, and in tropical and central Asia. Olive trees require subtropical climate and can thrive in long dry summers and mild winters. There are different varieties of olive trees available and gardeners can purchase fruitless varieties or fruit bearing varieties. Olive trees can greatly vary in their looks and may have weeping branches or long and narrow leaves. These trees can also be dwarfed to form fine bonsai indoor plants or can be included in gardens for beautification.

Tips For Year Round Lawn Care

Find out how to have a lawn that will turn your neighbors green with envy.

Do You Live In The Shade?

How to deal with shade in your garden. Where the sun don’t shine!

How to Have an English Country Garden

A famous painter who had an English Cottage Garden! Do you know who he was? In the days of old England, many of the workers in small villages were called peasants, and they owned small houses with very small gardens. These gardens would have to supply the family with all of their gardening needs. The kitchen garden would consist of vegetables and mixed fruits. In amongst this array of produce they would also grow flowers.

To Weed Or Not To Weed – That Is The Question!

When I first started my present garden, it had been totally farmland and therefore, it was full of weeds. It had no shape. It was like a typical farmers field, bumpy ground and obnoxious weeds.

Tips On Designing Your Rose Garden To Create A Picturesque View In Your Yard

When you finally begin to plant your roses, make sure they are spaced evenly to create a symmetric, aesthetically pleasing design. If you follow this simple process, you are guaranteed an outcome that is a beautiful design worthy of a double take.

How To Create Healthy, Fertile Soil

In your organic garden it is very important to have fertile soil to create the best possible growing conditions for healthy, tasty vegetables and great yields. Soil fertility is best when essential nutrients are available to your plants and when the humus levels are at 5% or more.

Improve Your Rose Garden With These Tips And Advice On Where To Find Rose Gardening Help

When you are looking for rose gardening help, you have several different source options available to you, all of which are compiled by experts and other gardeners to assist you in your efforts. This article explores those options available to you that offer rose gardening help.

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Fencing

Robert Frost said, “Good fences make good neighbors,” and he was right. But, he didn’t specify between wood fences and vinyl fences so how are people supposed to know what to go with? Basically, vinyl fencing is an outstanding option and if Frost had it to do all over again he might say that good vinyl fences make good neighbors. However, even though vinyl fences are outstanding they do have some drawbacks as well. So, the pros and cons of vinyl fencing will be discussed to give you an idea of whether vinyl fencing is for you.

An Easy Guide to Vinyl Fencing

There are many different vinyl fence manufacturers in the United States. So, if you are in the market for vinyl fencing you will want to know what to look for, what price to expect, and all the details about vinyl fences in order to ensure you get the very best deal possible.

How to Plan an Herb Garden

An herb garden can bring a person a lot of pleasure because there’s so many things that can be done with herbs such as herbal crafts, herbal teas and herbal seasonings. On top of this, you get to care and tend for the plants which, if this is all you do, is enough reason to grow an herb garden. Seeing how the herbs mingle together and enjoying their fragrance are other benefits.

Brick Pavers a Great Way to Revitalize an Outdoor Space

Brick Pavers are becoming more and more prevalent in the rehab of worn down outdoor surfaces. Pavers are probably the most versatile, least costly, and easy to install solution that is offered today. In addition to their convenience they also provide an upscale look even for the most moderate budgets.

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