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Gardening – A Simple Pleasure of Life

If you have never tried it but have always wanted to, there’s no better time. Everything you would ever need to know can be found online, it is fairly inexpensive and extremely rewarding in so many ways. Simple gardening can offer a lifetime of simple pleasures.

Hummingbird Feeders and Hummingbird Nectar: How to Make Your Hummingbirds Happy!

How do I make my own hummingbird feeder nectar? Do I need to add red dye to my nectar to attract hummingbirds? How often should I clean my hummingbird feeder? These and other questions are answered about hummingbird feeders, making your own nectar, and keeping hummingbirds coming back for more.

No More Deer

Have a deer problem? Here are four simple solutions to keep your garden the way you want it.

Create a Small ‘No – Dig’ Plot

Learn the basics to creating a no-dig organic vegetable plot. There are many benefits to organic gardening, especially without having to turn over the soil. It is far better for your soil structure – and your back…

How To Get Started With Deep Beds

The use of deep beds as a method of growing crops has become very popular with organic gardeners for several reasons, including: once set up, the amount of work you have to do every year (digging and so on) is much reduced there is an improvement in soil structure because of reduced compaction from being walked on you can cut down on the amount of compost or fertiliser you use, because you don’t waste it on areas that aren’t going to be used for growing…

Light Requirements for Indoor Plants

Different houseplants make different demands on their environment. Read about the lighting requirements for Indoor House Plants.

Vegetarian Gardening in Tropical Climates

Growing your own organic vegetables is the start to a wonderful, delicious vegetarian diet. In tropical climates, vegetable gardening presents unique opportunities and challenges. You must know when, how and what to plant. Use resistant plants adapted to the region whenever possible.

Simple Ways To Create Your Outdoor Oasis

Decorating your outdoor space is as important as decorating your interior space. It requires just as much structure as an indoor space would.

Hydroponics Gardening – An Introduction To Hydroponics Gardening For Beginners (Part 23) Cytokinins

This twenty third article is the last one dealing with plant hormones. It covers the roles that the Cytokinins play in the plants life cycle.

Building Garden Paths and Flower Beds On the Cheap

Do you have a large yard that would benefit from a path or two? Here are some ideas for adding a garden path without spending a lot of money.

Before Creating a Koi Pond

Do you want a beautiful koi pond in your own backyard? Before you start building your own koi pond, read about what features your pond must include. Realize that koi are like pets that need to be taken care of — they are not simply garden decor.

Why You Should Have a Garden Pond

If you are not convinced already that you need a garden pond, then read on and find out why you should create one. If you already have a garden pond, read on to reaffirm its benefits!

New York Flower Shops

New York flower shops provide you the easy way to order and send your floral arrangements. New York flower shops are available in great number at nearby places in the city. They provide flower delivery service to anywhere. Most of the flower shops sell cut flowers and house plants. They offer you some exquisite floral designs and decorations for various events.

New York Flower District

New York flower districts have a large concentration of wholesale and retail florists in New York City. The district is a small stretch from the streets of 26th to 29th along and off Sixth Avenue. It is considered to be a virtual oasis of beauty in the middle of Manhattan. Any kind of selection of plant and flowers can be found or ordered through the vendors here at the New York Flower District.

Wholesale Flowers In New York

New York wholesale flowers are easily available in the New York wholesale market. There are large selections of plants and flowers which come in daily to these wholesale markets. The Chelsea wholesale market is one of the major wholesale flower markets available in New York City.

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