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It’s About Time

I felt I must have been in tune with the cosmos: on the third try, I was able to set my digital watch correctly one hour back. Daylight savings had ended. For us, being on the north side of a hill, the change was dramatic. We lost full sun at 4:30, and were shaded even earlier by the Ponderosa to the west. Evening chores were rushed through a bit faster with one eye on the horizon marking progress.

Wonderful Tips and Information in Preparing For Fall Vegetable Garden

Fall vegetable garden starts to be grown in four season countries to extend plants growing season. Apparently, August 1 is the time to plant veggies in a fall vegetable garden. Finally, bear in mind to give correct watering to your fall vegetable garden. Okay, have fun gardening!

Care For a Growing Herb Garden

An article that discusses some of the points of caring for an herb garden. It highlights the simplest requirements of any herb garden.

Harvesting an Herb Plant

This easy to read article talks about how to harvest an herb plant at its different stages. It also briefly discusses the different uses of the different parts that can be harvested.

The Meanings of Flower Colors

Many people purchase flowers for just about every occasion. While many choose the color based on their personal preference, many others try to choose a color that is relevant to the event or occasion. Unfortunately over the years the precise meaning of the colors has been lost.

Protection of Plants and Crops With Garden Fleece

Protect early crops and tender plants against the weather, insect pests and damage from small birds. Water light and air can pass through the material.

3 Steps to Longer Lasting Cut Flower Bouquets

So your garden is in full bloom, wouldn’t it be nice to bring a fresh bouquet into the house or to a friend? Here are some tips for cutting and prolonging your garden blooms.

Snap Beans, The Pole Variety

Pole snap beans can be interesting to watch grow, they will get much taller that bush snap beans and therefore need a good support system. Some of the choices of gardeners are: trellises, fences, chicken wire stretched between poles, poles with string or cord attached to a peg and placed to resemble a teepee. As soon as the beans begin to climb we may have to give them a helping hand to curl around whatever support we have for them.

Some Interesting Alternatives to Ordinary Garden Pots

Here are some interesting alternatives to contain your garden plants. With some creative thinking, you can have a very unique garden.

What is Wrong With My Trees and Shrubs? Part 1 – Watering

Calgary has some unique challenges to gardening, but the rules are the same for most regions. One of the main reasons for tree loss and tree stress is the lack of water.

Garden Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Garden herbs and herbal remedies are two things that almost always go hand in hand. For years herbs were used in the realm of medicine, and their extracts are still used in some modern medicines today. The uses of herbs around the home are plenty, and having an herb garden allows you to go back in time and create some old fashioned remedies for yourself.

Garden Sense – Garden Harvest

Well, it’s that time of year again. The garden is in harvesting mode. How to keep up with it all can be quite an ordeal. Having a big freezer helps. We have been able to put all of our berries for jelly making in the freezer for the time being. We will get to those later.

Starting Your Own Rose Garden – Tips and Trips to Get You Going

If you are about to start with a rose garden, you might think that it’s too daunting for you at first. One thing you could do is go to your local garden center and be inspired. You will see what seeing so many colors, sizes, different types of roses will do to your creativity.

What Are the Best Culinary Herbs For Your Garden?

This is a collection of the best culinary herbs for those gardeners who want to know what herbs are most useful and popular for a kitchen herb garden. The herbs are listed in order of popularity and each has a little general information and tips on growing.

How to Prune Double Knockout Roses

Double knockout roses add amazing color to a garden, but most people choose them because of their relative ease of care. The amount of pruning that this popular variety in a rose will need is an easy task that will not take a large amount of your time, and for the first two to three years, you will not even have to worry about pruning at all.

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