All 5 Types of Roses and How to Grow Better Bloomers

Pest and Weed Control – When Using Pesticides Can Be Justified

The use of pesticides in gardens is unwelcome and from every point of view, should be reduced to a minimum. However, there are circumstances when their use is both necessary and justifiable.

Flowers That Bloom in the Night

There are many ways to enjoy flowers . One way is to plant flowers that bloom in the night. It will you and your friends the opportunity to enjoy an evening of beautiful flowers and interesting conversation

How to Be a Garden Backyard Beekeeper – Saving Honey Bees and Your Garden

Gardeners in most Western countries have noticed the disappearance, sometimes complete, of honey bees in their garden. A number of pests and problems have affected honey bees badly. They need every bit of help they can get right now, and Gardeners as one of their biggest beneficiaries are needed. You as a Gardener can help your flowers and vegetables in a remarkable way by just taking up backyard Beekeeping as a hobby. How to keep Bees is easy, you just need to make an effort, read a few books and get cracking!

Gardening is a Scientific Hobby

Gardening is certainly one of the more scientific hobby. It is the activity of growing plants for their beauty and consumption.

Types of Flowers

Flowers can make anybody feel happy. Their beauty and appeal can attract anybody easily. There are different types of flowers. Flowers at times are seasonal. Some grow in the winter, summer or spring. Types of flowers can also be distinguished by the region from where they are found or even their color. It can be wild flowers, Hawaiian flowers, pink flowers spring flowers etc.

Monitoring PH Levels & TDS in Hydroponics Growing

Hydroponics involves providing plants with adequate water, oxygen, and nutrients in balanced quantities. Maintaining this balance is essential for optimum plant growth and yield. For this, you should monitor the levels of pH and total dissolved solids (TDS) of the nutrient solution or soil you use. What do these terms mean? The pH scale measures the acidic or alkaline content of a substance. TDS refers to the combination of inorganic salts and organic matter that are dissolved in water.

The Ins and Outs of the Geodesic Greenhouse

The geodesic dome is a unique structure. Its most important advantage is that it does not require any intermediate supports. It was invented by Buckminster Fuller in 1954. This design is used to advantage a geodesic dome greenhouse as it leaves you a lot of extra space to grow plants. One can see Climatron to realize this very fact.

Enhance Gardening With Hydroponics Breakthrough

Hydroponics has been a breakthrough in the agricultural technology. With its efficiency defined, the technology secures optimum results on food production and even the leisure of gardening. Maximum results can be achieved through proper administration of the technology in agriculture and gardening methods.

Growing Roses For Beginners – Tips to Growing Beautiful Roses

Growing roses is easy. You just need to know what to do when to do it and how to do it. Grow yourself some beautiful roses and share them with everyone. Here are a few tips to use to grow bright beautiful roses that will light up your garden.

Making Compost – The Best and Easiest Process

If you’re ready to learn the easiest, fastest and best way of making compost, please read on. Gardening for most of my life, as a child I remember my father always had a circular fence at that back of his garden. We always put grass clippings, leaves, coffee grounds, egg shells and other assorted items into it.

Contain Yourself – Gardens For Small Spaces

That said vegetables may require deeper pots to accommodate their roots. Also, if you plant perennials you will have to consider moving your pots in the winter, either inside the house or to an unheated shed.

How to Use Canna Coco Nutrients

In hydroponics, the growing medium you use for your plants can greatly influence your plants’ growth and overall health. This is because the growing medium is a substrate, which provides support to the plant. In addition, the plant also receives all its nutrients from the growing media.

Plant Propagation Basics, Increase the Survival Rate For Plants Cuttings

Exact methods of propagating plants with cuttings and best time of year vary for different plants. The best survival rate depends on how and when you take cuttings.

How Do I Control Slugs and Snails?

When the warmer weather hits, slugs and snails look for moist food early morning and late at night. They found perfect conditions in our garden and had probably been feasting on our runner beans for a few weeks without us noticing. If you garden is being attacked by slugs and snails, this guide will help dramatically reduce the number of slugs and snails.

Bird Feeders – Keeping Your Bird Feeders Clean Will Keep Your Birds Healthy

We must take proper precautions to keep our native birds safe while offering them a variety of foods from which to choose. Birds at backyard feeders are exposed to the risks of disease and predation. It is our duty to make sure they are safe from both by following a few simple practices.

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