Alan Titchmarsh: Gardening pro shares ‘effective’ way to get rid of slugs

“Half grapefruits, crushed grit and eggshells spread all around a plant are rarely a deterrent. Beer traps (vacant yoghurt pots sunk into the floor and stuffed with beer) will capture some slugs and snails, but not all.

“Biological manage in the form of slug-attacking nematodes can be watered on to kill subterranean slugs, but the earth requires to have reached a ideal temperature.”

In accordance to the gardening pro, encouraging wildlife can also help to manage slugs.

He wrote: “Frogs and toads will enable with slug handle (modest ones), as will hedgehogs, and track thrushes feed on snails. In severe scenarios, appear to vegetation that are resistant on assault, these kinds of as individuals with hairy leaves or tricky, leathery foliage. Organic and natural slug pellets, centered on ferric phosphate, are out there.”

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